Racism defined

In reviewing many letters here, it’s obvious that some of the locals are struggling with the concept of racism. This misunderstanding can be forgiven because there’s not a lot of diversity around here. Nonetheless, local folks should be reminded that racism is prejudice, hatred or discrimination directed at someone of another color, ethnicity or national origin.

It can take all kinds of forms and can be overt or casual. Racism can be revealed through attitudes, actions, or comments. Not all racism is obvious, but can usually be found where there’s a differential of power, such as when a privileged person (white) talks “trash” about someone with less advantages (brown or black). Racism is a barrier that prevents other, different people from enjoying dignity and equality. Racism is never OK. It’s rude and ignorant and does not recognize the humanity of others. If something said or done is an injustice directed at a different group of people, it’s likely racist. There, hope this helps.

John Murray


Profit over people

“Thoughts and prayers, hope and healing” are the mantras of Cathy McMorris Rodgers. We have just experienced two more mass shootings, for a total of 250, and yet our representative of the 5th Congressional District, McMorris Rodgers, continues to choose power, profit and personal ideology over the people.

This mass bloodshed is not about policy or party. It is about lack of moral character. And the lack of moral character of our “representative” is evident.

Her voting record shows she:

l Voted against any universal background checks on anyone for gun purchases on any kind of weapon.

l  Voted to roll back regulations that made it harder for people with mental illness to obtain guns.

l Voted to allow the assault weapons ban to expire in 2004, 2008 and twice in 2013.

l Supported concealed carry and allowing concealed carry across state lines.

l Receives payment from the National Rifle Association gun lobby and apparently believes 249 mass shootings in our country is allowed under our Second Amendment.

We are far beyond having a message; this is about the lack of moral character to care about America and Americans.

We want more than her mantra of “hope and healing.” We want her to work for and protect us. Contact her now and demand she represent us and stop the carnage in America. Her contact numbers: (202)225-2006, (509) 529-9358 and (509)353-2374.

Pat Bates


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