Double standard

Emulating George H.W. Bush, Barack Obama and Dick Cheney combined, Brian Rhoades pontificated on June 20.

He said Jake Wren is “utterly ignorant,” then claimed that the USA is “… not ruled by God(s). We are a nation of laws and ruled by those laws.”

After three more paragraphs about laws, Rhoades reached his crashing conclusion: “Adults use factual reality in their decision-making, not myopic, divisive fairy tales.”

Rhoades did not mention that there are at least two sets of laws — one set for us deplorables, and another set for the rulers and their chosen henchmen. (Bill Cosby is jailed; Bill Clinton roams free.)

The double standard is but one tactic the ruling class uses to manipulate us deplorables. That’s “factual reality,” Mr. Rhoades.

Bridger Barnett


A thing of beauty

I read the recent newspaper article about the intersection work at the bottom of 21st Street. That article had only good things to say about the work of Western Construction, the main contractor. I have to echo the kudos being given to Western Construction in that article. I am not a construction guy but, man, the way Western has handled things seems exemplary and, if a gigantic bunch of concrete and asphalt can be a thing of beauty, then that intersection is a thing of beauty.

Thanks very much, Western, for the great job.

Danny Radakovich


Fits the definition

Since John Webb refuses to see that practically none of the 250 instances of mass shootings we have had this year in the U.S. are at the hands of Muslims, I would say he fits the very definition of a racist.

Wayne Beebe


Misleading photograph

Eric Barker wrote a balanced article on Washington wolves that appeared on the Lewiston Tribune’s front page. However, he included a beautiful, noble looking picture of a wolf. A picture is worth 1,000 words and folks not recognizing the wolf as part of the most cunning, efficient killing machine in North America would read the article believing the environmental groups challenging lethal management of wolves are right.

If the picture had been of a wolf eating the hind quarter of a downed elk while it suffers a painful death, the same folks would believe that hunters and cattlemen are correct in pursuing delisting and lethal management of wolves.

Doesn’t the chosen picture contradict the unbiased article?

Hunters, ranchers and concerned citizens should attend the Sept. 5 wolf meeting, 6-8 p.m., at the Quality Inn. The wolf does not know state boundaries; this is a critical regional problem. In Washington, there are an estimated 126 wolves in 27 packs that expand at a rate of 28 percent per year.

Many believe these numbers are grossly underestimated.

A wolf will eat the equivalent of approximately 25 elk per year. That would be 4,100 elk in 2019, 11,000 elk by 2023 and 37,775 elk in 2028.

Will there be enough elk for a Washington season in 2028? How many cattle will be killed? Wolves won’t starve, they adapt. Some environmentalists oppose lethal management and will stall delisting. Those who know wolves must demand aggressive management to protect our hunting and ranching future.

Bill Mulligan


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