Workers deserve respect

I read in the Aug. 1 edition of the Lewiston Tribune that Clearwater Paper and its union are meeting over contract negotiations.

Nowhere in the article did it mention the fact the unions have tried to meet with them over the past two years and that most of the time, the company has refused to meet and talk. Or it would meet for one day, then call off or postpone future meetings.

The company is posting record sales but refuses to share with the hard-working men and women who maintain and produce its products.

Linda Massman, president and CEO, in part of her compensation package received a performance bonus of $529,600.

For what?

She and her fellow executives couldn’t organize a picnic if the union brothers and sisters brought all the supplies.

The hard-working union membership, of which I was part for 36½ years, should be treated with respect and dignity, and rewarded with a fair contract.

Rod Allbee


Not Trump’s fault

So there’s been another murder of innocent people. With that is another call for gun control that won’t work because we have to do something, anything.

But how can we survive when we let our kids, grandchildren and our friends play games where they kill and kill all day long?

Women can kill their unborn children because they can.

You don’t need it. Get rid of it.

You can’t have frank talks on social media because you might upset someone.

We let illegal aliens come into this country, break our laws and drive our wages down.

You don’t know which bathroom to use.

Guns are not the problem.

It’s us, you and me.

So, folks, you have better hang on because it’s going to get worse.

It’s not President Donald Trump’s fault. Or Barack Obama’s. Or George W. Bush’s. Or any other president’s fault.

Those are just talking points, so they are just B.S.

Greg Barnes


Crapo doesn’t get it

... I drove three hours to Cataldo to attend Idaho Republican Sen. Mike Crapo’s town hall meeting. It is very obvious he’s afraid to hold his meetings in more populous Coeur d’Alene or Moscow because he would likely get negative feedback ... and therefore negative publicity.

He picked Cataldo because he thought it was deep in redneck country. However, ... the 12-15 people who attended were angry and loaded for bear. ...

He continues to stand up for Second Amendment rights. He even admitted he takes money (bribes?) from the National Rifle Association. He argued the solution to the mass killings is to prevent mentally ill and angry people from acquiring weapons (President Donald Trump’s talking point), and that purchasing semiautomatic assault weapons is OK with him.

Several people spoke up, saying assault weapons are not for hunting, but for killing people. He seemed to ignore their comments. ...

Crapo touted his effort, as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, to control currency exchanges in “bitcoins,” but few people in the audience cared. ...

The senator’s female aide tried to prevent a woman from asking pointed questions about the minimum wage. ...

Crapo left as he had arrived — in the county sheriff’s vehicle escorted by the sheriff and two heavily armed deputies. ...

I guess he thought he might be attacked like people in El Paso and Dayton. ...

The senator just doesn’t get it and needs to be encouraged to resign as soon as possible, or be voted out of office.

David P. Egolf


Don’t call in ‘God Squad’

In the Aug. 8 edition of the Lewiston Tribune, the Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association ran a full-page advertisement that puts forth its long-held proposal that faceless Washington, D.C., bureaucrats should act to invoke an Endangered Species Act exemption for Snake River hydro operations.

The ad contains a long list of federal agencies, bureaucratic terms and acronyms that will confuse any reader.

The irrigators association further tries to confuse the reader into thinking that the whole bureaucratic process is about the dams.

The ad fails to mention the two most important words — salmon and steelhead.

After more than 20 years and the expenditure of billions of taxpayer and ratepayer dollars, the issue remains the fish.

Are we willing to have the fate of the fish decided by seven cabinet members and faceless bureaucrats (the “God Squad”) declaring an exemption to the Endangered Species Act?

The decision really boils down to this — are the citizens of the Northwest and the country ready and willing to say, “screw the fish,” and let them go extinct ?

The fate of Idaho’s Snake and Clearwater river salmon and steelhead cannot be left to a handful of bureaucrats in D.C., as demanded by this small group of wealthy irrigators.

Keith E. Carlson


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