Rests her case

Oh, Dick Sherwin, you made my day. You took my bait. You didn’t even realize that I was messing with you.

Although your letter was contradictory, I was smart enough to understand what you meant. I deliberately twisted your meaning and you didn’t even realize that you were being played. Sad.

You stated that special counsel Bob Mueller didn’t have the power or authority to exonerate President Donald Trump. And then you say that Trump has been exonerated. By whom? You can’t have it both ways, Dickie.

This little game of back and forth has been fun. But if we take it any further, it will just be stale and pathetic. I’m done.

Jeanie Stanton


Lives matter

What is happening in America? Japan, Uruguay and Venezuela are warning their citizens about the risks of coming to America because of out-of-control mass shootings.

Japanese citizens are advised to pay attention to gun violence “everywhere” in America. Venezuela is blaming the gun violence on speeches emanating from Washington that are “impregnated with racial discrimination and hatred against immigrants.”

Some companies are manufacturing and selling bullet resistant backpacks for our children to wear to school.

I do believe America needs to stop the selling of fully automatic BB guns such as made by Crossman.

I am encouraged that our president is calling for longer background checks for gun buyers. So what if we have to wait for two months before we can actually take possession of a gun. Let’s do what we can to save lives.

Hopefully, our president and his personal attorney — U.S. Attorney General William Barr — can convince “do nothing” Sen. Mitch McConnell to become a man, wear a life jacket and get on board.

Hopefully, the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre, (Gosh, is he an American?), will be sitting on the gold toilet of his new mansion when all of this is played out.

Alan Syron


Fiasco at the airport

The city of Lewiston’s most recent budget session was an illuminating event.

First, the request put forth by our airport’s interim (is that word even applicable anymore?) manager, Clarence W. “Bill” McKown, for additional city funding was laughable on its face, considering his revelation at the meeting that work has not yet begun on locating any potential new airline carriers.

Further, airport board member Gary Peters essentially begging our municipality to not bill for applicable fire coverage for “two or three years” is tacit admission of how long we’ll have interim leadership. How ridiculous things have become and where we are going.

Finally, regarding airport board member Chris Hayes: The wisdom of bringing someone back who previously acted in leadership capacities during periods that resulted in our current woes would seem an obvious thing to question.

Overall, this public fiasco is embarrassing on every front.

Zeke Ulrey


Not one more dime

I read the recent report of the Lewiston City Council meeting by Joel Mills and it noted that the civic theater nonprofit would like to see the annual subsidy of $32,000 be restored by the city.

In my opinion, this would be rewarding the same organization for allowing its building to deteriorate and rot, which caused the city to expend $70,000 to keep it from collapsing.

A separate foundation has been set up to restore the old church, which was estimated to cost more than $500,000 some 16 months ago.

Has the money been raised? Probably not.

So where does that leave the city? It now owns an old historic church that will not fall down immediately but will continue to deteriorate as time goes by.

Demolition costs were estimated by the city at $200,000 some 16 months ago if restoration is not feasible.

And the same organization that created the mess wants its annual subsidy restored.

Hopefully not.

Brian Hensley


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