Greenland is melting

On Aug. 2, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviewed Jason Box, who is a climatologist at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland. She asked him to respond to an article in Rolling Stone titled “Greenland is Melting Away Before Our Eyes.”

Also, she asked him: “Finally, the significance of Trump being a climate change denier, what this means, with the United States the historically greatest greenhouse gas emitter, how this affects the rest of your world? ...”

Box replied: “And so, we see a more rational, more kind of humanitarian approach to environment and climate emerging in Europe, because the facts are very clear and there’s less denial of this, of science and the environmental crisis that we face in Europe.”

He went on to say: “I think a lot of the world ... they’re watching the U.S. very carefully but not falling into the lies being spread by the Trump administration, which clearly wants to maintain a status quo, because it’s extremely profitable and ... to exploit petroleum while they still can. Hopefully, you know, the truth prevails, and the world realizes that we need to not only leave fossil fuels in the ground. ”

Finally, she asked him to describe the results of the study “Key Indicators of Arctic climate change: 1971-2017” of which he was one of the authors. The primary indicator was temperature change in the Arctic.

The Arctic air temperature change from 1971-2017 indicated a warming of 2.7 degrees Celsius, causing the permafrost to thaw.

Tom Fellows


Revolution arrived early

President Donald Trump is so skilled at riling up the most horrendous people to do the most horrendous acts that his only talent got away from him.

He really didn’t intend his revolution to begin now. He was saving the mayhem for when he loses the 2020 election and calls on his drones to resist his removal from office with violence.

Originally the seeds of revolution were sown in 2016 when he thought he would lose and would challenge the outcome. He already said he would not accept a loss in the 2020 election, that’s his “lock” before the “load” hint to his gang.

His disciples can’t wait to start killing for God and country. But thanks to Vlad the enabler and Trump’s genius at inciting hate, it has already started.

Finally his crew is able to use all those damn guns for what they were intended, maiming and killing.

Like a stuffed sausage of hate, sizzling and popping, Trump pushes division and hate nonstop. To appease those who feel all this butchery is appalling and anti-American, no worries.

The flag is at half staff and there’s thoughts and prayers. Fore.

Richard Strongoni


Better health care

A colleague of mine went to do post-doctoral research in Denmark in the early 1950s. There, he and his wife welcomed a new baby. The Danish government covered the cost for prenatal care, the birth itself and postpartum care.

My colleague was not a citizen of Denmark, nor even a permanent resident. He was a visiting researcher.

But he did not have to do any paperwork or show identification to get all this care for his family without cost. Recall, too, that this was soon after World War II, when Europe was still recovering from the war.

Does this sound like that government wants control, not healthy residents?

How much money is saved without all the paperwork, billing etc.?

How much money is saved when people do not need to go to the emergency room except in a real emergency?

How many families are saved from more dire situations if they can get preventive care and early prognosis without payment rather than waiting until it is too late and they go to the emergency room?

If government is the problem, should the USA have private nature reserves where only the rich can afford to hunt or fish rather than on public, i.e. government, lands? That is the way in many European and African countries, unlike in the USA.

That is why rich people go there to kill big game and pose with it.

Charlotte Omoto


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