Take the lead, Lewiston

I watched people wheeling out grocery carts at one of the large grocery stores and the amount of single-use plastic bags was appalling. Our family has switched to reusable bags and we really like them. They hold more items and are easier to carry.

When we see the amount of plastic in the ocean, we all need to do something to protect marine life.

Animals and fish die everyday when they ingest plastic.

We used to use paper bags, cups and straws and I am sure they would still work.

We keep a box of biodegradable straws in our car and they work well.

A recent article in the newspaper quoted President Donald Trump as saying: “I do think we have bigger problems than plastic straws.”

Plastic straws are not recyclable and I am sure a duck choking on one doesn‘t find it a small problem. Wouldn‘t it be wonderful if Lewiston would be one of the first Idaho cities to enact some plastic use regulation? Perhaps some of the other towns and cities might follow our lead. And then, just maybe, Idaho might be among the top states doing something to help the environment.

Patricia Butts


Reading list for Marco

A heads up for Marco Munez: I do qualify as a proud old redneck gal. As to being lovable, I leave that to those who know me.

Having never passed myself off as anything other than the person I am, I don’t change personality or firm beliefs from one day to the next.

Your letter on the “Peter Principle” was signed by you. I know you wrote it because I saved it, dated it and referred to it in my later letter.

If someone in your imagined universe wrote another book with the same title, you can be sure the real authors would have sued their hairy behinds for plagiarism.

Paragraph two of your July 22 letter states: “I don’t think you know nearly as much as you think you do.”

So I will now give you a reading assignment.

On Amazon, you can order my two books: “Falcon in the Mist,” the first half of a 1,312-page, typed (elite type) manuscript, and “Pillar at the Border,” the second half under the original title.

I double-dog-dare you to read them.

You referred to me as “darlin,’ ” which is offensive to me. Then you tell me to smile and have a Coke on you. Marco, I smile often but I don’t drink Coke.

Maybe, while you read my books, you won’t smile. But have a Coke on me. Cheers.

Flora Teachman


Disputes study’s findings

I found the conclusions reached concerning dam breaching paying off fascinating. Paying millions to contractors and their employees just does not strike me as a benefit. It is a cost.

Those dollars will be spent but probably not locally. Many construction folks working remote sites bring trailers and groceries and send their paychecks home (wherever that might be) to their families.

Using Lower Granite as an example: They will not be utilizing motels and restaurants in the valley and commuting a 100-plus mile round trip (at least two hours a day).

And why do they think that river usage will increase when the reservoirs are gone? I doubt the owners of ski boats, wave-runners and paddleboards will run out and get jet boats. These folks are more likely to haul their boats down to slackwater at the Tri-cities or up to Dworshak if it survives.

None of this addresses the economics of loss of transportation for agriculture in four states. Also not addressed is replacing that power. Hopefully those folks will be the ones whose air conditioners won’t turn on. Wind and solar are only good for baseload. They won’t pick up load like clean hydropower does.

And none of this solves the problem of the ocean conditions, which are the root cause of the diminishing fish runs.

And the fish will have to fight low water levels and warm water temperatures.

Coleyne Lasher


Pointing back

This is in reference to the July 28 letter by Marco Munez, concerning “Trump’s next jingle.”

For starters, the names that he called President Donald Trump were not only hateful, but disgusting.

My point is, my grandmother told me when I was 10 years old that pointing my finger at someone, (if you will look at your hand) that there are three fingers pointing at yourself.

Get it?

LaDonna Stallcop


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