This is racist, too

John Murray, you missed a prevalent form of racism.

When one accepts, lauds or makes an exception for antisocial behavior for anyone because of his race, color, creed or ethnic origin, then he is being racist.

The best way to avoid this form of racism is to accept everyone as your equal.

If you need a reason for accepting others as your equal, you can chalk it up as being an American.

If you want a more serious justification, then pat yourself on the back; you have just followed the second great commandment of Christianity.

Jess Stone


Get the facts

Another mass shooting at El Paso, Texas, and then Dayton , Ohio.

Yet again the oddities come up. Again eyewitnesses account for more than one shooter.

In El Paso, Brittany and her mother, Adriana, saw three to four men walk in with rifles and start shooting. They saw no one get shot, just shots being fired and said this on camera.

In Dayton 14 hours later, a mass shooting occurred while the media ignores the shooter is a registered Democrat. In El Paso, the media ignores that the shooter is Latino, calling him a white nationalist. Both wore hearing protection; that is a first.

Back to the additional shooters: This has been a staple since Columbine. Eyewitnesses saw an Albino man shooting at the event. But in all cases they disappear and only one shooter is charged. ...

The government sure must want to ban guns. The media and politicians on the left are calling for congressional action.

Well, let’s see them hold congressional investigative hearings into mass shooting to eliminate the possibility of elements unknown from inside government staging these events because they sure are fishy.

You can do your part and call your representatives and demand this, too. Before we throw out the Constitution and the Second Amendment, we have a duty to discuss this rationally and get all the facts, even if they are classified.

Try to do it the other way and just start taking guns. The rumor is that won’t go down too well at all.

Michael Dietz


Selective outrage

These are horrific statistics for the year 2017:

l 41,000 deaths, including 400 infant deaths, due to secondhand smoking.

l 37,133 traffic deaths, including 10,874 due to drunk driving.

l 39,773 firearm-caused deaths.

All these statistics are equally horrible. So why is it the media and certain politicians only talk about No. 3? What makes the deaths caused by guns so much worse than any other cause of death?

Mike Jacobs


Times changed

The latest mass shooting victims haven’t even been buried yet and the agenda-motivated Democrats are already calling for more gun control. Yet there have been 1,600 shootings in Chicago since Jan. 1 and not a word said.

More than 50 years ago, on occasion, high school boys took guns to school for very different reasons. They placed them in hallway lockers for safe-keeping and shot squirrels and targets at lunch and on the way home at the end of the day.

Sometimes the principal would bring his rifle and join us. No one made threats or even considered hurting others. Some of us had World War II surplus semiauto “real assault” carbines, bolt-action rifles, semiauto shotguns and more ammo than you could ever carry in a lunch box.

But a lot has changed. ...

These disturbed shooters today are mostly all young white men, younger than 25 and following very different paths.

They have no communities, no fathers, no mentors, no initiations into personal responsibility, no daily organizing principles, no instruction in useful trades, no productive activities, no opportunities for love and affection, and no way out.

Add to the equation ... violent video games and vile social media and you have a powder keg ready to ignite.

Consider 96 percent of all mass shootings happen in gun-free zones is no coincidence either. Two shooters, James Holmes and Elliot Rodgers, later in prison even said they ruled out potential targets because they feared being stopped by armed individuals.

John Webb


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