Settle Domino case

Given the current divisions occurring throughout the nation that are very disruptive and negative to our country’s ability to find civil communication again, I suggest our town has a great opportunity to conduct such. But it is on the verge being missed.

To sit down together and have respect for each and avoid finger-pointing shouldn’t be that difficult. Many young people and even children do such routinely. Why are not adults able to?

The incident involving Mark Domino and his interaction with Clarkston police officers should have never got to the level where force overrode common sense and open communication. Based on the reports, one could and should presume that the incident got out of control before open dialogue had a reasonable path to resolve it then and there in the open parking lot.

I believe the initial call about a certain individual prowling into vehicles in broad daylight should have been questioned by the responding authority as questionable. How did the caller know as such? Was the person’s race a qualifier? If it was an individual of different race, would the call be even made?

Did the officers use that as their determination of questioning? I would like to think not. I respect the police here in our town. My nephew is an officer. I may be somewhat prejudiced.

I suggest that all parties involved, sit down together, find a reasonable solution, not in the courtroom where winning is the sole purpose. We are all human.

Mike Petrusky


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