Offense taken

Local Indian tribes feel offended by some school names. What about the local tribes that have businesses on U.S. Highway 95 with names such as “Fightin’ Creek Market” and “Warpath One Stop”?

The logos and names of these two businesses offend me. After that, the names of Braves, Chiefs and other school names are very minor compared to Warpath and Fightin’ Creek and the logos for the two.

Wayne Wood


Be prepared

On July 27, my wife and I boated up the Snake River to Buffalo Eddy. It was a nice day for fishing and sunbathing.

On the way back, the wind started to howl. Just above the first rapids above Asotin, we saw four ladies with two rather flimsy float rafts trying to navigate the rapid. Two ladies were out of the front raft in the water. The ladies in the second raft were fighting the wind, which was so strong it was blowing both rafts back up the river.

One lady was floating down the river ahead of the rafts. Another lady was trying to swim to hers.

They waved at us and we went to see if we could help.

They hollered, “Can you save our friends?”

We went down river and got the two swimmers. Then, with the assistance of two other boaters, we managed to get everything and the ladies gathered up and took them to the beach at Asotin.

It was a scary situation for all of us. We were scared for their lives.

Theses rafters were not prepared or experienced enough to float the river. Nor did they have the proper equipment. The rafts were too flimsy and they had no life jackets.

Life jackets are required for every person on a boat or raft.

Think before going boating or rafting.

Chuck and Debbie Neill


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