Who’s a racist?

What is the difference between Mexican racism, black racism, Indian racism or white racism?

Even Marty Trillhaase’s favorite person, Nancy Pelosi from California, who thinks she runs the country, is racist.

And you are, too.

Michael Hanson


Trillhaase missed the point

Marty Trillhaase, I’m going to go all “politically correct” on you here.

Your editorial on Wednesday had one serious error in that you seem to imply that the cops in the two recent shootings were not the “good guys with a gun.”

I’d bet serious money that had the cops not been so competent and on the job so quickly, other “good guys with guns” would have been coming out of the woodwork within the following two minutes, particularly in Texas, and the shooter would be dead. ...

Wayne LaPierre didn’t specify in his “good guys” statement that they are only civilians. The National Rifle Association (and me too) has often said: “When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.”

This is true when a civilian “good guy” is instantly aware of the need for his reaction.

In this case, the cops had the information instantly and were already on the scene by the time any civilians had time to be aware and react. ...

I’m imagining the same scenario in our own Walmart. There would likely be two to three civilian concealed-carry folks in the store, but where would be important. ...

NRA members do consider the cops “the good guys with the guns” when they are able to move as quickly as they did in these two stories. You, in my humble opinion, could afford to be just a little more supportive of the Second Amendment, since it was designed to protect your hallowed First Amendment.

Rick Rogers


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