Wrong wasp

Nice article about yellow jackets in the recent Close to Home. However, I suspect the accompanying photo is actually of a paper wasp. The pictured wasp has orange antennae, a characteristic of paper wasps as opposed to the black antennae of yellow jackets. Also, the nest shown has open cells. Yellow jacket nests usually have a papery envelope.

Randal Donato


Barnett removes all doubt

I have to quit replying to Bridger Barnett’s letters because his responses have deteriorated to nothing more than name-calling rants devoid of any content on any issue.

In his latest rant, Old Bridger took a serious letter I wrote about the courthouse parking situation and cut back one sentence I used to make it say something completely different than what I actually said.

I have been involved in a lot of discourse and debate in my life, so I am aware that any feeble idiot can “win” an argument by misstating what someone else has said, ala the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

What I actually said about the idea of a parking structure and what Old Bridger contorted to suit himself, was:

“I freely admit that I know nothing about the cost of building a parking structure and it may be prohibitive.”

Your letter was pretty lacking so, if you can’t do better, Bridger, maybe you should just stop.

You are embarrassing yourself. People have told me some rather hilarious stories about you but I am not going to lower myself to repeating them here.

One last time: “Bridger Barnett, better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.”

Danny Radakovich


Not a racist

How many ways can white people be called racists?

Numerous times, according to liberals who say that all whites should be held accountable and pay reparations for slavery 170 years ago but yet all Muslims should not be collectively responsible for the violence we see today.

And if you don’t agree with liberals taking down portraits of George Washington or painting over historic murals, then you are racist.

And if you want strong border security and oppose expanding Social Security to law-breaking illegals, then you are automatically called a xenophobic racist.

You could also easily be called a homophobic bigot if you agree there are only two genders, not 56 as many claim, and that a third bathroom is not acceptable. Good grief. You are either a man or a woman and nothing in between. If you don’t know who you are and can’t find your way, then look at your driver’s license.

Your ID and address are right there at your fingertips. Pretty simple.

And lastly, if you pursue your views with a liberal and they have no counterpoint, facts or figures for backup, than they get angry, call you names, make threats and continue to be discombobulated snowflakes.

John Webb


Trump’s no racist

“Russia, Russia, Russia. President Donald Trump is an agent for Russia and a puppet for Russian President Vladimir Putin and he’s committing treason.”

Now, four separate investigations and more than $30 million later, we find out that it was a hoax, obviously made up to destroy the Trump presidency.

Now it’s “racist, racist, racist.” Everything Trump says or does is twisted to make it look like he is a racist.

In the Trump vs. Rep. Elijah Cummings feud, it’s obvious that Trump is just fed up with the endless attacks on himself and his family. It is not racist for him to bring up the plight of the city of Baltimore, Rep Cummings has represented for decades.

Baltimore has the second highest murder and crime rate in the U.S., higher than the countries that most migrants at our southern border are fleeing. Almost a quarter of its population lives below the poverty level and its schools and infrastructure are a disaster.

Its population is shrinking as people flee. Its political leaders are using the racism mantra to shut down any discussion of their disastrous policies.

Racism accusations are being used as a partisan tool to destroy people. If you are a person of “white color,” you are automatically a racist if you disagree with a person of “any other color.”

These accusations also end any meaningful discussion of many critical issues. It is creating a deep division in our country for political gain and it needs to stop.

Marvin F. Dugger


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