Despite the worst economic decline since the Great Depression and a once-in-a-100-year-pandemic, the projected revenue for next year’s budget is $94 million for a population of 33,000 souls, which adds up to more than $2,800 for every man, woman and child in the city of Lewiston.

For what?

Spending for an unneeded $11 million well and reservoir, a $4 million fire station, $1 million for new vehicles, together with a 3 percent raise in property taxes, a 60 percent raise in water and wastewater and a 40 percent raise in sanitation rates during the next 10 years.

Insensitive to the hard times this economy has brought to so many, the city manager also proposes raises for himself, the directors of administrative services, public works and economic development and the chiefs of fire and police, all of whose compensation is four to five times the area’s median income of $36,000.

This is not “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.” It is real money from your pockets.

If you want to know what your councilors think about spending your money, check out the council’s budget hearing at the library on Monday at 6 p.m.

John Bradbury


Standing for freedom

This letter is not meant for the members of the Lewiston City Council, because most of them aren’t listening anyway — including, even, John Bradbury, who got the most votes but got less then 24 percent, which means more then 75 percent of us voted against him.

There were courageous men and women at the recent meeting, and I want to thank you all for raising your voice and standing for freedom.

The conversations of some of the council members was a jaw-dropping wake-up call to me.

The comment was made that the silent majority who were in favor of mandated masks didn’t show up. Is this true?

There was talk among them of fines for not following this mandate. Someone did suggest that two warnings be allowed. Another made a comment that the more violations in a 12-month period should have higher consequences. Twelve month period? What is really going on here? The mandate was overturned (by three) and an advisory measure was passed.

But make no mistake: This is not over yet.

A comment was made that this will get them used to wearing the masks.

Just my opinion.

Connie Hamilton


Save the trees

I enjoy the town of Asotin and appreciate its small museum. The grounds are well kept and the trees are beautiful. That’s why I was surprised to learn that most all of the board members apparently want to cut the trees down, at least some of the most beautiful ones near the museum. This is apparently due, at least in part, to the bother of raking leaves in the fall.

This seems very sad, especially as I know that one of the board members has offered to rake them himself in order to save the trees. ...

I would also help with the raking.

I hope some folks ... might join me in encouraging the museum ... and its board members not to slaughter those beautiful trees, which provide not only abundant, cool shade for tourists and passersby, but add to the look of this charming museum.

If enough people will get behind this cause and stand up for the trees, maybe we can actually convince the board members to keep them.

If you care about this issue, please take a few minutes to write (a thoughtfully written letter might have the most impact), call (leave a message), email (whatever) the board members and museum. ...

I often enjoy going to Asotin as a quick get-away to enjoy the town, the park and the river. ...

It would be such a shame, in this hot and dry climate, to remove the physical comfort and aesthetic value those lovely trees provide.

Ronnie Marie


Only God can forgive

What are the so-called protesters trying to prove? They’re protesting a crime by committing more crime. They have nothing better to do than to disrupt and destroy other people’s lives and property. They hate living in a free country where everybody can think and speak as individuals and work to provide for themselves and their families.

Their obvious intent is to destroy families and promote chaos.

They obviously have no jobs, good ideas or responsibilities or they wouldn’t have so much time to spend showing hatred and disrespect for people they’ve been conditioned to believe are worthy of retribution.

When and how did they become so empowered to force mayhem on a happy and peaceful society? They hate our history but the history they’re creating is far worse than the last.

If they actually knew anything about history, they would know better than to do what they are doing.

Should we forgive them because they don’t know what they’re doing? Only God can do that. But then God recommends punishment for bad behavior to promote thoughtful good behavior.

By dividing this society, they provide the opportunity for the UN’s New World Order to take control.

The New World Order will not show God’s mercy to the people.

Camille Hattrup


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