Is Rogers a racist?

I don’t know if Rick Rogers is a racist, because I’m not a mind reader and I can’t see into his heart. I do know he makes racist statements.

First, what’s a racist statement? It’s when you blame a racial group for the actions of an individual.

Here’s one of many examples from his Aug. 2 column: Why wouldn’t the Black community accept the “Chicago Challenge” to try to reduce violence? First, is an entire community rejecting calls for nonviolence? Does Rogers have any idea what groups in Chicago are working to reduce violence?

Whites commit the majority of murders. How does it sound to say “Why doesn’t the white community reject violence”a?

Sadly, some of the people writing letters and columns for the Lewiston Tribune demonstrate the racism problem in America far better than anything I could say.

Kurt Obermayr

Winslow, Ariz.

Cancel the eviction

I am a Nez Perce County resident and airport user, as a traveler, a pilot and an aircraft owner. I have utilized the commercial airline, fuel and maintenance services at the airport since 1979. ...

The Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport Authority voted to invoke a 45-day period ending with the possible revocation of a ground lease held and served continuously for well over 30 years by Stout Flying Service. ...

The eviction notice ... was because Stout Aviation had failed to maintain a liability insurance requirement for four to five months in early 2020. ...

The circumstances causing eviction may not have been fully revealed in the Lewiston Tribune’s report or divulged by the airport authority board. ...

I have talked to Ralph Stout and was told that Stout Aviation had indeed made an error and failed to keep part of the required liability polices in place in early 2020. However, he said the error was corrected quickly after it was discovered.

During the coverage lapse, there were no incidents that might have been covered by such insurance or harmed the airport authority. Therefore the airport suffered no harm. ...

I have also read other allegations that extenuating circumstances within the airport board and among other airport lessees may be the actual basis for this eviction notice. ...

It seems inconceivable a harmless error by a 30-year-plus airport tenant would ... result in eviction from our airport.

I urge you to cancel this eviction. ...

Charles R. Pottenger


Why worry?

Open the schools. Don’t worry, teachers. You will be safe.

Parents, send your children to school. They will be safe.

They said this from a video conference call.

Does that make you feel safe?

Michelle Sharpe


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