Eggleston’s fixation

I’ve read and reread Dr. Richard Eggleston’s entertaining two columns, but I’m uncertain if he has a sincere interest in COVID-19 vaccinations or anything else pertaining to the pandemic.

His concern is stem cell research. He mentions it in both columns, and seems fixated on aborted fetuses.

He even lists bishops, and archbishops in his church “who have grave, moral concerns about the use of fetal cells.” With whom did they share their concerns? A sparsely attended congregation, snoozing through his Sunday homily?

Or, possibly, in a seldom-read article in last month’s Catholic Today magazine?

All of his listed high-ranking clerics would serve their flocks better by sharing their “grave and moral concerns” with their priestly underlings, who occasionally need to be shuffled from one parish to another for well-known reasons.

On the other hand, it’s not easy to find a right-wing columnist. Most of them would rather snarl and yap than sit down and put pen to paper for 800 words. Eggleston is a vast improvement over the Lewiston Tribune’s usual Sunday hayseeds, yokels and one-term state legislators.

He’s spawned dozens of letters to the editor. He’s misguided and ill-informed, but please keep him anyway. He went to medical school.

However, when it comes to the pandemic and its treatment, I’d rather listen to a board-certified epidemiologist with 50 years of experience and a stellar reputation than a retired eye doctor with an agenda.

Bruce Pemberton


Credits Rusche, Greggain

Thank you, Lewiston Tribune, for allowing true medical professionals space to correct the opinions of a retired, uninformed, irrational ophthalmologist who is pushing drugs and ideas that are not safe and will not prevent COVID-19.

Column after column, Richard Eggleston presents alternative “facts,” which means beliefs he wants us to believe, not what is true.

When we need to know the facts to stay safe — and alive — and overcome this pandemic, we get a snake oil salesman pushing his beliefs that have absolutely no peer-reviewed scientific evidence.

Thank you, Dr. John Rusche and Dr. Don Greggain, for presenting and clarifying facts concerning appropriate treatment and effects, the truth about vaccine development and the need to listen to credible interpreters of the knowledge.

We appreciate your knowledge, caring and speaking out for the safety of our community.

As Dr. Rusche and Dr. Greggain stated: “Everyone has a right to an opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts.”

I would hope the Tribune will reconsider its part in keeping our community safe, alive and correctly informed, as this is a time when we need facts and medical professionals to help us, not a snake oil salesman whose personal opinions can damage us.

Pat Bates