‘Social injustice’ caucus

If only there had been some way of predicting that gathering legislators from all across the state, most refusing to wear masks and social distance, would result in a COVID-19 superspreader.

It’s even more disgusting that Reps. Caroline Nilsson Troy, R-Genesee, Brandon Mitchell, R-Moscow, Aaron von Ehlinger and Mike Kingsley, both R-Lewiston, put Reps. Sue Chew, D-Boise, and Muffy Davis, D-Ketchum, who both have major preexisting conditions, in the position of having to choose between representing their constituents or risking their lives to physically attend the Legislature.

And these Republicans have the gall to call themselves pro-life.

But sadly, that’s not the worst entry in the Republican “social injustice” caucus.

That has to go to Kingsley, who justified giving out-of-state shareholders and corporation a giant tax break because “I’ve never had a poor person offer me a job.”

All they do is teach your kids, clean your homes and offices, ship the stuff you order online, and staff your stores and gas stations, currently risking their health to do these things.

Kurt Obermayr

Winslow, Ariz.