Who removes gravel?

I’m asking for a friend: Who is responsible for cleaning the winter gravel off the sidewalks throughout our fair city? The business, the resident or the city?

I’m looking forward to seeing the responsible party step up and get on it.

Linda Schatz


Boiling mad

The article on spring black bear hunting season that got voted down got my blood boiling.

The spring season won’t hurt the bear population and it has not hurt it in the past. The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission with Gov. Jay Inslee’s recent selections to the nine-person board has become more of an anti-hunting group than a board interested in wildlife management.

Some of the comments really got to me. They showed how much some of the members don’t know about hunting and wildlife management. Commissioner Tim Ragen made the distinction between sportsmen, women and conservationists.

If it wasn’t for hunters in the early 1900s, many of the wildlife would be gone. That’s where the modern wildlife management started with bag limits and seasons.

Today, hunters and fishermen have put millions of dollars into conservation efforts for the good of fish and wildlife. There are many groups that do this through sportsmen and women, such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever and many others. Ragen needs to bush up on his history of wildlife management or step down. I prefer he do the latter.

The other comment was made by Commissioner Melanie Rowland that she didn’t know there was a spring turkey season. All she needs to do is pick up a hunting pamphlet and read the damn thing.

She also said there should be no spring hunting at all. She should just step down.

Ronald Landrus


Biden’s a phony

The phoniest person is in the White House at this time.

First, I want to know why the hell Hunter Biden got $3½ million from Yelena Baturina, former wife of the lateMoscow Mayor Yury Luzhko.

I want to know how much Hunter Biden received on the board of directors in the Ukraine oil business.

Hunter Biden agreed to spread influence for $10 million a year for three years for China.

Now you have Russia invading the Ukraine.

Bimbo Joe the clown is in the White House. His greatest achievement is purchasing 230,000 all-electric vans for the U.S. Postal Service, Now that he has oil at $100 a barrel, he can start to use wind turbines and solar power

Howard Miller


What went wrong?

No one is addressing the elephant in the room. Why?

The Asotin County Jail process started as a $13.7 million project. When the bidding process was announced, a construction cost of $11.5 million was specified.

The two bids that were submitted were $33 million-plus and $35 million-plus. Factoring in 18% for inflation would add about $2 million for a realistic total of $13.5 million to $14 million. This would still not even be close to the $33 million minimum bid.

This is not about inflation. Math is obviously not a consideration in this process.

So, where does this leave us — no jail, some jail or more taxes to pay the bill?

Remind you of any other projects?

Architects were contracted to manage all aspects of this project. As recently as the final planning and zoning town hall meeting, a commitment was made by those architects that their designs for the new jail allowing for 120 beds and a functional administrative center could and would be built within the county’s budget.

That promise was unconditional. So what happened?

A review board of local architects, engineers and construction contractors could take a look at the entire package and determine actual costs and what we are getting for our money. Do we have any volunteers? Obviously this was not done correctly to begin with. This is our money, whether it be a sales tax or a property tax. We have the right to know the facts and how our money is being spent.

Jack Worle


Momma says

I rise to the occasion of shaming the 51 Idaho Republicans who adopted the Texas-styled abortion measure called “heartbeat bill” and Gov. Brad Little for signing it.

As Tom Hanks stated in his famous movie, “Forest Gump,”: “My mama told me.”

My mother, Marie Alice Pritchard Snyder-Sterling — a former resident of Weippe at a 3-mile Road farm, where I was born, as well as a farm on Green Road in the Fraser area and Lewiston for many years and who now rests in peace at the Fraser Cemetery — would turn over in her grave if she read the March 15 article in the Seattle Times about the Idaho abortion measure.

She certainly would disown her Republican records when the GOP takes away the rights of women to make decisions regarding their health.

The Texas/ Idaho bill, along with legislation in additional states, is in direct violation of the United States Constitution regarding the Roe v. Wade decision.

My momma, Marie, always told me that women should protect their rights/bodies and I’m certain she would sue the 51 Idaho Republicans and Gov. Little for their recent decisions were she still be living.

Milton Lee Pritchard Snyder

Lewiston High School, Northern Idaho

College of Education and Lewis-Clark State College graduate


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