GOP is dangerous

The Republican Party is dangerous for America. Under the recently deposed clown king, groundwork was laid for a disastrous pandemic response based on lies, misinformation and denial, which has resulted in the needless deaths of more than a half-million Americans, courtesy of the biggest loser, ex-President Donald Trump. ...

The mindless miscreant Republicans continue to resist efforts to subdue the pandemic, such as masking, distancing, closures and vaccinations. Republicans should all be herded together onto a reservation ... so they can all die in blissful maskless splendor without endangering anyone else.

What have the Republicans ever brought this country, aside from the continual enriching of the rich, other than grief and misery? They have graced us with, included but not limited to, the Great Depression, the inane war on drugs, the savings and loan debacle, 9/11, the senseless bogus Iraq War, the financial crisis of 2007-08 and the disastrous mishandling of the pandemic. ...

While President Joe Biden is working to mitigate the pandemic, provide Americans with jobs and financial assistance, and rebuild the country’s aging, failing infrastructure, the Republican clowns are feverishly at work trying to advance the cause of fascism by restricting the rights of Americans to vote.

Stuart Stevens, former chief strategist for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign and former Republican stalwart, says the Republican Party is a cartel, with no policy or agenda but the pursuit of power and electing Republicans. ...

Of course, they will reinstall the head honcho chief white supremacist ASAP.

Mike Epstein


Hold Trump accountable

Because of former President Donald Trump, a total of 551,252 Americans have died from COVID-19 as of March 31.

That’s 551,252 families who lost their loved ones because of his incompetence. Those 551,252 people were killed by Trump’s indifference and lies. “The virus isn’t real. It’s a Democratic hoax to make me look bad. We have it under control.” The list of lies goes on and on.

The worst part about these unnecessary deaths is Trump does not care about all the people who died. He’s incapable of caring because he has no soul. He’s dead inside.

What I want to know, after all the lies and deaths, is why isn’t Trump in jail for the murders of over a half-million people? He is personally responsible for their deaths. He refused to do anything to protect us from the virus after he found out about it. He thought he was so powerful that if he ignored it, the virus would go away. He was wrong — as usual. He just walked away and kept lying.

They arrested the Nazis after World War II. They were tried, convicted and imprisoned or executed.

Saddam Hussein was captured, tried, convicted and executed for all the atrocities he committed in Iraq.

Why isn’t the Department of Justice arresting Trump for the murders of 551,252 Americans?

Why aren’t people bringing civil suits against Trump for millions of dollars over the deaths of their loved ones? Money is the only thing Trump understands.

Joan Vanhorn


Spilled the ink

Nice sports section for the Lewiston Tribune’s Wednesday edition.

Someone spilled the ink. Be careful, ink costs money. Though blue, I was able to get the job of reading done in double the normal time. I may now have eyestrain, LOL.

Rodger Rawson