Putting kids in debt

Why do minor children have to repay portions of stimulus money? I’ve received three checks from an already debt ridden public treasury this past year. I returned one check, but it was sent back. My name is on each check, but money was sent to all in the household, including minor children. I’ve called the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve and congressional offices. Two congressional offices have confirmed that the minor children will have to repay portions of this added debt most if not all of their lives.

So, what is it called if a child, who can’t vote, must work most of his life paying off someone else’s debt? Hmmm.

After three checks, it looks like a pattern. With no application process, they (and everyone) are forced to participate. Is the state of Idaho accepting these debt-ridden funds, also?

If so, unless I am missing something, could that mean the governor and Legislature of the state of Idaho are complicit?

Scott Perrin


Programmed Marxists

Karl Marx is the godfather of all socialism, communism, fascism and Nazism, both past and present.

Do a bit of research, and you will probably agree with this statement. Marxists are masters of deception, but they are much easier to spot once you accept a few simple facts.

They (Marxists) have been bred and programmed aggressively by our universities for at least 40 years now, and are absolutely everywhere in our society. Think woke, social justice warriors, antifa, Black Lives Matter, community organizer, etc.

Chief executive officers, mayors, district attorneys, governors, police chiefs, members of Congress, senators, judges, bureaucrats and many more are now infected with the Marxist brain worms. With rare exceptions, they align with and vote Democratic.

Recently they have become bold enough to proclaim their Marxist ideology openly, while they occupy and destroy entire cities.

Their imagined new Marxist state is their all-powerful God, which will rise from the ashes of complete destruction and pillaging.

Everything else is their mortal enemy. This includes the Constitution, freedom, family and church. These are seen as a threat to the emerging perfect new state.

Look around; it’s happening before our very eyes.

J.C. Passmore Jr.

Elk City

Parker got sloppy

The April 6 edition of your paper carried an article by a very sloppy and unprofessional Kathleen Parker, which you failed to edit. She expressed her unfounded and woke opinion regarding the new Georgia legislation changing voting rules there. She accuses the Georgia Republicans of “perpetuating the Big Lie.”

The problem is it is painfully obvious that this line is itself the “Big Lie.”

She is not professional enough to have researched the matter before inserting her foot deeply into her mouth. She parrots her master liar, Joe Biden, on the issue of voters in line and the provision of water. Then she magnifies her unprofessional and juvenile opinion on the matter a second time later in the tome.

It seems to me that if you are paying for this tripe, you could at least find a competent writer.

Al Bolden

White Bird

Neglecting female athletes

On April 6, the varsity Lewiston High School softball and baseball teams traveled to Moscow for a single game each. The LHS girls produced 13 runs as our program is now apt to do. Our pitcher nearly threw a no-hitter. We had zero errors. ...

We are looking at one of the best performing teams we have had in at least the four years I have been in the program if not much longer. We are performing at a high level and ranked in the top teams of our state.

But you would never know based on the media coverage we receive. ...

“Sorry, we’re not baseball,” is now the sad joke we frequently make in our dugout. We use it as a way to defer the constant feeling that we are the ignored sport, that we, the girl’s team are not good enough. ...

Despite our highest ranking in years and defeating teams our program has not beaten in a decade, we are often just the obligatory blurb. ...

“Sorry, we aren’t baseball” is the chant we once again make as there is a flooding of pictures of our boys programs plastered across papers and on news highlights after our shared games. ...

In wake of the recent failures in the NCAA and its treatment of female athletes, I ask you —Lewiston Tribune, KLEW and Lewiston community members — what are we doing to support our local female athletes, and show them they matter as well?

Kristin Delp

LHS softball head coach