On Venezuela’s path

On a recent radio show, Glenn Beck shared the following “major events timeline for Venezuela”:

1. Third richest country in the hemisphere — 1992.

2. Second largest purchaser of F-150 trucks — 1997.

3. Voted for a socialist president on income inequality — 2001.

4. Private health care completely socialized — 2004.

5. All higher education became free — 2007.

6. Socialists ban private ownership of guns — 2009.

7. Bernie Sanders praised them for their “American dream” — 2012.

8. Opposition leaders imprisoned — 2014.

9. Food and health care shortages become widespread — 2016.

10. Constitution and elections are suspended — 2017.

11. Unarmed citizens massacred by their own government — 2019.

We’ve now completed Step 3. And if the Democrats have their way in two to four years, we’ll have achieved Steps 4, 5 and 6, pleasing Bernie Sanders (Step 7).

Certain progressives have already called for variations of Step 8 (relocation camps etc.). With the cancel culture and Big Tech shutting down dissenting voices, it’s essentially the same as imprisonment.

If HR 1 passes, we would have basically checked off Step 10 as well.

One of the strengths of the two-party system is that the party not in power acts as a “watchdog.” But if that party is rendered impotent, then the party in power can do whatever it wants.

HR 1 is unconstitutional to the core and puts us on the path to a one-party system — making elections meaningless.

Hopefully we’ll learn from history and not be doomed to repeat it, right?

Bruce Crossfield