Don’t make it worse

Whether or not you believe COVID-19 is real, it is.

More than 250,000 Americans have died from it, with 2,000 more dying daily. Health care workers and first responders on the front lines working to save people for the last nine months are exhausted or dead.

Thankfully, it appears safe vaccines will be widely distributed within months. However, if Americans maintain their current level of disregard for the health of others, tens of thousands more will die by then.

With an end in sight, I implore you, if you are not already, to practice guidelines that have been overwhelmingly shown to decrease the spread of COVID.

Wear a mask, wash your hands and social distance. It’s just not that hard.

For those who still avow their right to not wear masks, endangering the lives of those around you, please don’t go to the already overflowing hospitals if you are really sick. Leave those avenues for those who are sick because of your disregard for their lives.

To the protester wearing the shirt saying “eternal life matters,” the Jesus who said “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” is the one who decides where you spend that eternal life.

Sharon Curtis


Too much to ask?

With COVID-19 cases soaring out of control, hundreds of Americans per day dying of the disease, and intensive care units filling up, I have spent a fair amount of time pondering the anti-masking frenzy.

The anti-maskers are upset their right to infect anyone and everyone in their vicinity is being denied them. One thing I thought about is the restrictions placed on rights when the nation was girding itself to defeat the Nazis and Japanese. There was rationing on gasoline, rubber, sugar and numerous other items as part of the war effort.

If today’s anti-maskers were alive then, would they be out protesting that rationing violated their rights?

There were blackout regulations to keep enemy bombers from zeroing in on our populace. Would the anti-maskers have been protesting that as a violation of their rights? If they did not black out their own house and it got smashed by bombs, then they would have gotten what they asked for. But how about their next-door neighbor’s house?...

If enough people had those sorts of attitudes during World War II, how many of us left afterward would be speaking German and/or Japanese and have a bunch of silly goose-stepping bastards lording it over us?

I challenge the anti-maskers to sit down and calmly think it over. Is it too much for you to wear a mask to help protect your fellow citizens? If that is too much to ask, maybe the rest of us aren’t your fellow citizens at all.

Danny Radakovich


Don’t trust the media

It’s so good to see some common sense in the Lewiston Tribune once in a while by people such as Abel Workman, Jim Griffin and Rick Rogers. The Tribune goes right along with the rest of the lying mainstream media of this country.

Every time I pick up the paper, there are more lies about the actual numbers of people contracting and dying from COVID-19. Those of us who have done our research and been around the block a few times know that doctors and hospitals are getting paid to lie about the actual numbers.

Why is the media doing this? How much are they getting paid to do it?

Because it’s either that or they are too stupid to do some real fact-checking. Even if they tried to get to the truth, they probably couldn’t or would be too afraid of committing suicide to dare go up against their politicians and the government (aka: big pharma, big oil, big agra and big banks, etc). ...

What is the best way to control the masses? Fear. ...

If you still believe that Democrats are the party of and for the poor working man and woman, you need to go back to kindergarten. ...

If you think otherwise, tell me this: Have you met the person you voted for? Do you know someone personally who is well acquainted with him or her?

Then you have no idea what kind of person he is and your opinion and vote mean nothing. ...

Chris Alexander


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