Port not contacted

This letter is in response to Mike Petrusky’s Nov. 24 letter titled “Questions on jail site” in the Lewiston Tribune, in which Petrusky asked about the Port of Clarkston’s deliberations on the jail site.

We know there is confusion about the role the Port of Clarkston played in siting the new jail, and we want to set the record straight: The port was not contacted by Asotin County or any official representatives on any location for siting the new jail.

The site chosen at 14th and Port Drive is accessed by a road owned by the port, but the site itself is or was private property. The architect labeled it the “port site,” which I believe is the source of some of the confusion. Not only is this land not port property, but the port did not learn that the Port Drive site had been selected until it was made public by the county.

Perhaps adding to the confusion is that a port-owned property at the Port’s Turning Pointe Business Park was apparently evaluated as a site for the jail. However, the port was not contacted by the county regarding that parcel or other parcels within the business park as part of the siting process.

Wayne Tippett

Marvin Jackson

Mark Brigham


Port of Clarkston


Robinson won

What a life; that of an editorial columnist. You write your opinion; you know your media brothers, sisters, and non-binaries have your back. You understand you yield power.

A haggard Lewiston Tribune commentary article titled “Trump will deepen the muck, not drain the swamp” by Eugene Robinson, printed in the Nov. 27, 2016, Tribune, has been yellowing and fluttering nervously on my shop wall for four years.

I saved it thinking, “I guess, we will see.”

There is a swamp; it is corruption, self-interest and dishonesty in an American system originally created “for the people.”

Sadly, unexpectedly, the media has also become swamp slime so thick, so gooey and foul that there is no escaping a gasping, asphyxiating death to truth, as media factions maneuver tentacles to grab, manipulate, double-speak, twist and devour honest and critical thinking.

Four years of it has been exhausting — hypoxic.

President Donald Trump was unconventional. Career politicians and the media hated him for it. They had to counter him; get out the shovels and backhoes.

The swamp narrative has been such a repetitive topic in the media it is like a guilty child who keeps looking in the direction of the wall on which he just finger-painted feces while denying he has been getting into mischief. He can’t help but give himself away.

Congratulations Mr. Robinson. You have proven partially correct. Trump did not succeed in draining the swamp. You and your partners have poured muck in faster than he could drain it. You win.

Trent Morgan


False equivalence

Conservative heads exploded far and wide in response to a recent cartoon suggesting Black Americans have learned the hard way to doubt and even fear the police.

James Baldwin, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Eugene Robinson and many others all confirm this as a fact. Yet we are now being fed objectively false propaganda in the form of near-daily conservative cartoons, the Lewiston Tribune’s penance for having dared to speak a taboo truth about institutional racism in America.

What is problematic about making nice via false equivalencies is that actively confirming false understandings about American politics betrays the core truth-telling mission of journalism.

Axiomatic to responsible journalism is that truth and lies are not the same, not each just someone’s opinion.

A recent cartoon shows an Iranian mullah or ayatollah first in line for a ticket to Joe Biden’s inauguration. Core message is that the forthcoming Biden presidency will make the U.S. less secure against our enemies, while the current chaotic and incompetent Donald Trump administration has made us more secure.

Cautionary testimonials from retired military leaders, diplomats, and national security professionals overwhelmingly suggested the contrary, presumably a main reason Biden won by more than 6 million votes.

And is a cartoon paid for by billionaires and corporations hiding behind an “Americans for Limited Government” label giving us the straight poop when it shows a Democrat donkey with a sniper rifle targeting “free speech”?

Last I checked it wasn’t the Democrats who were hostile to civil liberties or violent gun fetishists.

Chris Norden


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