Stats reveal hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter

Kudos to Abel Workman and Franklin Weighall for providing a factual comparative on the hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter.

Of the 2,870 African Americans that were murdered in 2019, approximately 2,500 were killed by other African Americans per the Uniform Crime Reports.

Per capita, Indian reservations have the highest violent crime rates in the nation and that too is Indian-on-Indian crime.

Another statistical fact: More police officers are murdered by African Americans than any other race.

I invite anyone who bad-mouths police officers or opposes our Second Amendment rights to walk into a drug- and gang-infested area unarmed and see if you walk out alive. You won’t.

Go ahead and defund police departments and let’s see how quickly you or your family member is a victim of violent crime.

Wake up Lewiston: You live in a gated community. You have no idea how important all lives are.

Florence Tellez


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