Move on

Laura Bracken, please relocate to an area where you’re the minority with a defunded police department. And continue enabling the entitlement logic that has fueled millions of dollars in losses to taxpayers.

Afterward, please state your opinion. This is the Opinion section, but your opinion doesn’t matter to me.

Also, if this were truly an issue regarding a lack of opportunity and systemic racism, why do a percentage of people of color continue to commit crimes, such as famous athletes, movie stars, rappers, politicians and the list goes on.

Darla Poxter


Defining the terms

Fact check, Laura Bracken. The category white of the Uniform Crime Reports includes a multitude of races, including biracial and multiracial individuals.

Larry Hamilton


Trillhaase is racist

In the July 19 editorial, Marty Trillhaase tries to paint the Clarkston Police Department as being racist over the arrest of Mark Domino while he shows he is the racist. Throughout the editorial, Trillhaase capitalizes the word Black but not white when used as an adjective. He even fails to connect the dots; Domino was arrested for resisting arrest not for “entering his own car” as Trillhaase claims at the end of the editorial.

Just because the Associated Press has decided to capitalize Black does not mean the Lewiston Tribune has to do likewise. A large organization choosing to demonstrate racism is no reason to do the same.

Following the logic of the AP, Trillhaase and the Tribune should capitalize woman and not man because men do not have a shared culture like women do. Taking this illogical thought process further it should be republicans and Democrats, americans and Immigrants, protesters and Rioters.

Treating one race as superior to another by capitalizing one and not the other is pure racism plain and simple.

Steve Allen


Reelect Seubert

I am writing this letter of support for the reelection of Asotin County Commissioner Chris Seubert.

As a member of several boards in common with Commissioner Seubert, I have had the opportunity to interact with him on many occasions. He has always demonstrated a firm grasp of the issues at hand and an even firmer commitment to the welfare to the citizens of his county.

His ability to work well with other county commissioners is invaluable when dealing with issues that span multiple counties and require extensive cooperation.

Being a commissioner can be a difficult job with the varied and sometimes competing interests that you must balance. Seubert addresses these with common sense, a positive attitude and a can-do approach to finding solutions.

Seubert is an asset to the people of Asotin County, and a valued partner in local government in our region. In these uncertain times, Seubert is a true patriot willing to defend what America believes in. I highly encourage you to retain his services and reelect him this fall.

Charles Amerein

Columbia County



Dislikes the change

I’ve been noticing that the word Black has been capitalized in several articles in the paper lately and I’m curious if this is going to be the new norm and reporting. It is not correct, especially when white isn’t capitalized in similar articles.

I would appreciate you addressing this in an article in your paper.

Laura Rogers


See Managing Editor Craig Clohessy’s July 17 Up Front column.

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