Commends Blakey

Lewiston City Councilor Bob Blakey earns a “Profile in Courage” for defending the civil and constitutional rights of all Idahoans against a bogus and overly-generous assertion of Second Amendment rights, and for calling out an organized but unauthorized militia group seeking to intimidate and suppress the First Amendment rights of civil rights protesters.

The fact that the June 6 Black Lives Matter protest in Lewiston was organized and attended by many Black, Native American, Latino and other non-white people makes the militia’s effort to intimidate and suppress free speech and free assembly doubly despicable.

Blakey has done a service not only to his own local constituents, but to all Idaho citizens. ...

I am by no means alone in having decided not to attend the Black Lives Matter rally due to news reports stating that armed militia members would be operating “checkpoints” at Lewiston intersections, with the intention of stopping and questioning out-of-town attendees, via some kind of crackpot racial- and political-profiling based on anti-California stereotypes.

Were my First Amendment rights infringed and suppressed by this organized militia, as Blakey has suggested? In my view they absolutely were.

I was forced to weigh my right to stand in solidarity with the young organizers and supporters of a civil rights march against the double threat of both the germs and deadly weapons of this largely unmasked and in no way “well regulated” militia.

The wishy-washy, do-nothing response from Lewiston’s chief of police made clear this was a proceed-at-your-own-risk situation.

Chris Norden


It’s party time

Obviously, having a good time is more important than something as trivial as public health. Otherwise, places like Tuscaloosa, Ala., wouldn’t be having COVID-19 parties and offering prizes to the first person who gets diagnosed. Beaches would not be packed during a pandemic. And places such as our own town of Grangeville wouldn’t be hosting huge gatherings such as the annual Border Days Celebration.

Pandemic be damned; it’s party time.

And why not? What does it matter if a few old people get sick and die from a virus that is mild in most young people?

Like the Beastie Boys sang in their old song, “You’ve got to fight for your right to party.”

Young folks aren’t going to give up a good time just because older people are catching the disease from them.

It’s not their fault grandma’s immune system ain’t what it used to be. And by the way, wearing a mask is just one more way the old fogies in government are trying to keep people from having fun.

Obviously, as one of those older folks, I am being facetious. I love a good time as much as the next guy — but not more than people’s health,

Mike Ruskovich


Many thanks

We would like to thank Brian Ward in his Snap On truck and all of the numerous other people (we didn’t get all their names) who stopped to help us on U.S. Highway 12, about 10 miles east of Orofino.

Our camper blew out a back tire. And luckily, we had many offers of help. We were able to get the tire changed and were safely on our way back to Lewiston within a few minutes. It’s so good to know there are still people willing to help others out there.

Paul and Amy McCall


Thank the police

Police across America are under siege.

Thousands of police officers have been injured or killed amid the ongoing protests and riots.

The New York Police Department released a knife-attack video on an officer. They said, “It was a planned assassination attempt.”

A New York state trooper was hit by a vehicle and suffered a shattered pelvis and a broken leg.

An officer in Cincinnati, Ohio, was saved by a ballistic helmet when a bullet struck it.

The Chicago Police Department reported that 132 of its officers had been injured during violent riots.

In Davenport, Iowa, a call-in to “investigate a suspicious vehicle” resulted in the shooting of a police officer in an unmarked police vehicle.

Twenty-one police officers were injured in Salt Lake City. One officer was hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat.

In Washington, D.C., an officer had to undergo surgery after being hit in the leg by a brick.

Also, more than 50 Secret Service agents were injured, some by Molotov cocktails.

Four St. Louis police officers were shot by an active shooter. Thankfully, all are out of the hospital.

A Las Vegas policeman, Shay Mikalonis, age 29, was shot in the back of the head while struggling with a rioter. He will be on a ventilator forever.

We need to support police officers. Blue lives matter.

This writer believes he speaks for millions when he says, “Thank you police officers.”

Jim Emmert


Wasting time, money

When I read that the Mark Domino case is headed for an October trial, I was surprised because I thought this case was a done deal.

Over. Finished. Charges dropped. As in the guy didn’t do anything wrong.

This expensive ordeal could have been easily avoided if Clarkston’s city attorney would have done just that. Plus, an apology would have gone a long ways to remedy this situation.

Mistakes were made by several people, but ultimately the taxpayers of Asotin County will pay for it as these trials are very expensive.

Why is it so hard for some people to admit it when they are wrong?

I only hope the jury that gets selected for this trial has some common sense.

Janet Driggs


Wear the mask

Rick Rogers: What kind of health issues do you have?

Yes, it’s none of my business — I agree — although you claim it prevents you from wearing a facial mask to protect you and your family?

Then yes, I can see you’re going to need to quarantine until you can figure out what to do.

You and we are facing a pandemic that is taking lives of all ages, races, rich, poor, etc.

The simple recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to cover your face with a mask, if you need to be out shopping, is not a major issue, as you claim.

You are one of the many people who think that their right to choose is being violated. How in the world can that be?

I wear a mask to protect myself and protect you from me.

It’s that simple.

Apparently, you are a single man with no immediate family to think about. Maybe that is driving your thoughts, regarding masks.

Claiming your rights are being violated is just wrong.

The whole community and the world are relying on your help to slow down the pandemic.

Is your hate that strong for a healthy community and for the world that you live in?

Steven Sanchez


Bad for everyone

The Trump administration’s order to send international students home if their colleges or universities go online because of the pandemic outbreak is cruel and unusual punishment.

And this student ban is bad for Idaho.

International students enhance the educational experience at our public two- and four-year institutions by bringing the world’s greatest minds to learn alongside our students.

These students also contribute to key initiatives at Idaho’s four-year research institutions in areas such as humanities, social science, agriculture, science and engineering.

Their contributions help drive innovation that stimulates economic growth. Without these students, research at our public institutions would falter and that would negatively affect our economy.

Finally, the tuition international students pay subsidizes the cost of college for our Idaho students.

As a resident of Potlatch, I know the financial challenges many rural families face in sending their children to college. This student ban will make college even more expensive and out of reach for our kids.

Write to your senators and representative to tell them you oppose the student ban. Not only is it simply mean to send students home in the midst of a pandemic, it is bad for Idaho.

Diane Kelly-Riley


Why the change?

The page 2A lead at the top of the Nation column in the July 8 edition of the Lewiston Tribune read: “The FBI said Tuesday it’s investigating the reported assault of a Black man by a group of white men at a southern Indiana lake.

The top story in the Northwest section described the victim as “a Black man with a backpack.”

And on page 2C was the story indicating “a man has been charged with bias crime after two Black men were reportedly threatened with a knife.”

The story didn’t say what color the criminal was.

Then later “a Black man who saw the incident tried to de-escalate the situation.”

I’m wondering if it is now Associated Press style for journalism to capitalize the color of a person’s skin if they are a Negro while leaving a descriptive term for a Caucasian’s skin in lower case.

I didn’t see Nez Perce elders described as Red men or any stories with Brown people noted although there were a few Hispanic names in that day’s journal.

Giving evidence to the Thomas Jefferson assertion that “the man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers,” we see subtle ways of diminishing the equality of all men and women.

Dennis Fuller


Looking up

Kudos to Gary Peters, the crew at Hangar 180, pilots and everyone else who contributed to the flyover during the Fourth of July.

The fact that there are still pristine examples of warbirds is a testament to the people who have painstakingly restored and fly these aircraft, which are at least 75 years old.

Keep up the great work and hopefully next year we can have the complete air show.

Wayne and Linda Vantrease


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