Powers that be suppress the truth about COVID-19

Richard Eggleston

Editor’s note: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning against taking ivermectin for COVID-19. If you ignore this warning and experience symptoms of ivermectin overdose, contact the poison control hotline at (800) 222-1222.


The Food and Drug Administration has approved a biologics license application for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, Comirnaty, which is not even in production yet, without the required advisory committee, public comment or reporting any of the safety data.

Does this make the mandates for forced vaccination with the current emergency use authorizatoin “vaccine” illegal and expose those forcing it to the Nuremberg Code for Human Rights violations and 21 U.S. Code Sec.360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(lll) punishments? Former Pfizer biotech analyst and whistleblower Karen Kingston explains what approval really means. See the very important interview with Steve Peters (Aug. 29 rumble.com/vlod4c).

Everyone knows that antibody resistant bacteria, such as MRSA, have developed due to the overuse of antibiotics. This has reached the point that the antibody of last resort, Vancomycin, is losing effectiveness. Mutations occur that produce increasingly deadly and difficult sicknesses to treat.

On Aug. 24, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla predicted vaccine resistant to COVID-19 variants are likely to emerge, i.e. the delta variant being the first. Dr. Geert Vanden Bosche, a vaccinologist, published an open letter to the World Health Organization on March 6 warning: “There can be no doubt that continued mass vaccination campaigns will enable new, more infectious viral variants to become increasingly dominant and ultimately result in a dramatic incline in new cases, despite enhanced vaccine coverage rates. There can be no doubt, either, that this situation will soon lead to complete resistance of circulating variants to the current vaccines.”

In other words, this is the same as bacterial resistance to antibiotics. On Feb. 9, National Public Radio stated “Vaccines could drive the evolution of more COVID-19 mutants.”

With the current COVID-19 “vaccines,” infection and transmission still occurs. A British warship and a Carnival Cruise ship, both with 100 percent vaccinated crews and passengers, had severe delta COVID-19 outbreaks. It must have mutated much smaller to get through required masks.

Oxford University Clinical Research Group published in the Aug. 10 Lancet a paper that found vaccinated hospital medical personnel carry 251 times the load of SARS-CoV-2 viruses in their nostrils, becoming presymptomatic superspreaders, infecting co-workers and patients, and are more susceptible to the delta variant, compared to the nonvaccinated,

The SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 genomes are 80 percent similar, and 17 years after exposure to SARS-CoV-1, immunity still exists. This is because of long-lasting and specific cellular immunity by T-2 immune cells and bone marrow plasma cells, both not strengthened by booster jabs. And therefore, the booster can’t help long-term immunity. Natural immunity is against the entire virus, not just the spike protein, with no boosters needed.

It should be very frightening to patients that the Federation of State Medical Boards has stated: “In spreading misinformation (not defined) about COVID-19 vaccine on social media, online and in the media” that the licenses of medical and osteopathic physicians can be revoked. Apparently personal communication with the patient is still allowed to inform and discuss with their patients all alternatives for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Physicians take our Hippocratic Oath to be champions for our individual patients, not as agents of the state.

My previous opinions stated ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are very effective and safe, and should be used along with vitamins C and D, melatonin, zinc, and quercetin.

On Aug. 28, the chairman of the Japanese Medical Association recommended ivermectin as the standard of care for COVID-19.

Twenty-five “gold-standard” studies show at least 60 to 80 percent of COVID-19 deaths could have been prevented with early, proper treatment. Physicians who use years of experience and scientific studies are today considered violators, and face possible licensure problems. If this can occur now, when will the eventual order to an employed physician come, commanding that a sick patient of any age, whose care will use resources, must be euthanized for the common good?

What is the real difference between that and the Aztecs of central Mexico, who for the common good to appease gods, sacrificed slaves?

The same thought process of every fascist/Nazi/communist tyranny of no God-given individual rights, but only the common good, is behind the tyranny of forcing jabs on the entire world population.

Power, by those who posses it, to use force to subdue is evident in the brutalization of especially women and children in Afghanistan by the resurgent Taliban and here, the stick of forced vaccinations replacing the carrot of enticements.

Ph.D.s, because they understand, the lower level educated because they know they don’t know enough, and Blacks because of incidents like the Tuskegee experiments, are the most vaccine hesitant. Basically they don’t trust science and government.

As of Aug. 25, Israel, with 80 percent of the population fully vaccinated, has had more than 7,500 daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases in a vertical rise, mirroring the vaccination percentage a few months earlier. Eighty-five percent of those hospitalized for delta variant were fully vaccinated. This shows the most vaccinated countries have the most COVID-19.

It is with a straight face that we are told that COVID-19 spreads at churches, schools and motorcycle rallies: but it doesn’t spread at unmasked antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, the southern border invasion, the 2021 Lollapalooza event with tens of thousands, Nancy Pelosi’s fundraisers, and former President Barack Obama’s birthday party. How absurd to expect continual belief in such blatant disinformation.

The tech giants deplatform, delete or suspend those who voice an opinion different than their group-think position. They are afraid of free speech.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., speaking for the people of Kentucky, and Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., were banned for speaking unapproved truths regarding COVID-19, and the entire scientific history of Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology, was deleted on Linkedin.

Those who wish to control our individual lives and make us part of a Marxist/fascist collective, think of us as, and want us to remain, docile, like beagles who are friendly and don’t bite. The sign at a church that still has free speech said: “Delta’s here, but we have the alpha and omega.”

We must remember who is really in charge.

Eggleston, M.D., is a retired ophthalmologist. His email address is rjegglestonmd@gmail.com.