“Special Report: COVID-19 update, Day 55 of the shutdown in America.”

If I hear that on the radio or TV again, I may have an aneurysm rupture.

As sad and bad as it is, it could possibly get much worse in the coming months.

So, how in the world did we get here? What do we do now as a nation to right the ship? Was this intentional or was it a huge mistake made by one of the world’s most dangerous nations that now has affected every nation on Earth? Should the world financially punish China?

China is on the move buying up tech companies as I type this. They are buying companies all over the world to help them come out of this biological disaster they started as the world’s leading nation.

U.S. intelligence agencies say China withheld critical information on the COVID-19 virus in order to protect China, its communist leaders and country first. Damn the rest of the world, all while holding their cards close to their silk vests. They hoarded medical supplies for China and even shipped some to the U.S. as a humanitarian gesture. They also sold faulty medical supplies to states in yet another humanitarian gesture. Was this a “plandemic”?

Some states have started limited re-openings of services. The daily death toll in America still rises. It’s more than 70,000 now. People are still catching the virus and dying.

Nez Perce County has some staggering numbers compared to our population. I think this is a very deadly virus we know nothing about, even six months into the pandemic.

I have a few friends who thought they had the flu in December and early January. One did a tour boat around Cuba to the Caribbean starting on Super Bowl Sunday. Another friend went to Beijing, China to do business in December. Another friend had it before Thanksgiving. He had not been to China. He was seriously sick. His lungs and heart were affected. Test after test could not solve it. Then they discovered it was a ”new” strain of flu, but did not name it. Was that the coronavirus back then? I think so. It happened right here in river city. I sat with him quite a few times as he labored to breathe and watched his resting heart rate hit 125 beats per minute.

We prayed. I feared for his life. He survived. Qeci’yew’yew, warrior.

These are and will be challenging times ahead. We are making world history.

Doctors all over the world are trying to understand and figure it out. New things are learned every day about COVID-19. Will a yearly injection like the annual flu shot be in the future? Why?

Some think 77 percent of Americans have been exposed and are asymptomatic. Is a second more deadly wave coming? What the dickens is this damn thing? Was it engineered? Was it a new strain that was released because of lax operational procedures at the Wuhan Institute of Virology? Is it a biological weapon being tried on the world by Chinese leaders and scientists? Are the Chinese using new scientific technology to corrupt science itself to pull the silk scarf over the world’s eyes? What actual genome sequences did China give the world’s scientists? Were these the real COVID-19 sequences?

The mass daily misinformation is worse than the actual virus, for sure.

The fear it’s causing may be even worse than that. The stress of all of this is said to shorten our lives by seven years. Much thanks to the president of the People’s Republican of China, Xi Jinping. It’s off to the Hauge for you.

One thing is clear: America is in trouble, financially. How will we rebound? How will we react? Are we worse off than during and after the Civil War? Are we as a nation in worse shape than when the Great Depression hit all of America? Are we in a worldly corner like just before World War II when America and the world stood up to Hirohito’s Imperial Japan and Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany? How did we react in those crises? We came to fight as one nation and one world, together.

Cities, states and the federal government were not ready for this unimaginable situation. Why not? Will we be in the future? Probably not. We have not changed procedures much since the 1918 flu pandemic, really. Why not?

America is the most resourceful, inventive and innovative nation the world has ever seen. Why? Our people. Americans will figure this out collectively. We must lead the world once again out of the darkness.

I remember this quote from who I think was the greatest president of the last century, Ronald Reagan: “Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.”

Give that some thought on this COVID-19 matter.

Sayre of Lewiston served as regional director to former U.S. Sen. Larry Craig. His email address is sayre@cableone.net.

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