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Rick Rogers

I can barely imagine the Black community’s outrage over the senseless killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, by four Minneapolis cops. The resulting mobs understandably want blood, and blood they should have. Waiting years for the wheels of normal justice to turn will not suffice to mollify the mobs.

If America’s constitutional prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishment” could ever be lifted temporarily, this case cries out for it. These four should be stripped and chained to lampposts in Minneapolis’ town center. People wishing to participate should be allowed to pick any method devised throughout history to exact revenge: stoning, burning , hanging, beheading or fingernail removal.

Once that’s done, apply the same justice to whoever shot David Dorn on the streets of St. Louis.

Dorn was a Black retired cop who had earned and deserved the right to live out his life in peace. While trying to stop illegal shop-breaking in his neighborhood, the rioting mob killed him. He was just one of many current and former police officers injured or killed by rioters. Where is the Black Lives Matter reaction to Dorn’s murder?

How does it make sense that Dorn was killed by those protesting Floyd’s death? What possible sense justifies the continuing rioting in the nation’s cities, destroying the center of our nation’s soul along with buildings, businesses, police cars and, yes, people who had nothing to do with Floyd’s death?

If systemic racism truly exists in America, how could the appropriate remedy be mob rule? Isn’t this trading one form of wrong for another?

Black Lives Matter doesn’t want to resolve race relations in America. It’s more valuable for them to perpetuate the image of Blacks as victims.

America’s race problem will be resolved when the Black community itself decides to make it happen. Cue the usual suspects labeling me a racist.

The Black community has the resources within it to solve race relations, but it lacks the will and leadership moving toward positive change rather than riot.

The problem isn’t skin color; it’s behavior and a false culture that makes the problem worse.

Not all Blacks are ne’er-do-wells living on the criminal fringes of the drug world. However, particularly in the inner cities, that culture has enticed enough young Blacks that the entire group gets labeled.

The N-word is more often than not used to describe a behavior of some Blacks that could also apply to an increasingly disturbing number of whites. The epithet was originally created during slavery and, like much in the language, it has been perverted (see the original definition of “gay”). Though many Blacks commonly use the N-word in conversation among themselves, whites are labeled racist for using it in any context.

This points to how Blacks could heroically solve race relations by absorbing their share of the responsibility for it into their culture, and by taking credit for a new evolution of that culture.

Let’s call the challenge — which the Black community is probably unwilling to accept — “the Chicago Challenge.”

First, admit that white society cannot solve race relations. Their ideas have been tried and failed, beginning with forced school busing. That whole idea was demeaning to the concept of Black culture within the American framework. While school integration sounded laudable (at least to well-meaning whites), in reality the separate communities, both white and people of color, naturally prefer associating with their own. Given nearly any opportunity, they’ll often self-segregate.

Second, concede that whites (guilt-ridden) will never purchase their forgiveness for slavery. The wars on drugs and poverty, and dozens of other programs designed to elevate the Black community, have only created bloated bureaucracies spending ever more money on things that just don’t work.

This includes the over-hyped concept of reparations. This sounds like something on the surface, but it’s a buzz word; nobody can even describe how it would work. It’s just one more opportunity for a failed government program run by bureaucrats.

Pick one city and change its culture. Forget New York; it’s beyond help. Chicago is the premier example of how governments are unable to stop violence, particularly Black-on-Black violence driven by a drug culture and encouraged by entertainers glorifying thuggery.

Chicago’s Black Mayor Lori Lightfoot was elected in 2019, promising “equity, transparency, accountability, diversity and inclusion, and transformation.”

Earlier this month, she blamed the COVID-19 pandemic for a spike in Chicago shootings. Could anyone have predicted a COVID-19 side-effect would be turning more Chicago Blacks into mindless killers?

No, shooting and homicide statistics in Chicago are comparable to before the Chinese virus. Shootings killed 18 the last weekend in June, including two children and a teenager. Among the 67 shot during the Fourth of July weekend were a 7-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy.

Chicago is 32 percent Black (about 860,000). Along with the promises of the Black mayor, where better to send Black community leaders and @Black Lives Matter to cause positive change? That’s a small army to spread across Chicago’s 50 wards, delivering the message: “Stop the violence. No, really stop the violence.”

Why wouldn’t the Black community accept the Chicago Challenge? Are the members of that community afraid of success, finally proving that the Black community is capable of growing responsibly within an organized, lawful society?

Or are they afraid of failure? If Black leaders cannot drive success in their own communities, what does that say?

The problem cannot be that Blacks haven’t been given enough opportunity or have been able to rise above the horrible hardships visited upon their long-dead ancestors. Time has passed. Tell us pontificating professors of sociology, exactly how long should recovery take?

The occasional white, racist cop killing a Black man outrages me, but it just gives Blacks an excuse to claim eternal victimization. Yet the number of Blacks killing other Blacks dwarfs the number killed by whites, period.

(Mostly) Democrat mayors and governors have spent decades creating minority ghettos, promising, but never delivering, salvation. When it goes wrong with riots and destruction, they say this year it’s somehow President Donald Trump’s fault.

No. The responsibility for Black communities lies within the Black communities. Eventually, you have to stop blaming old white guys for your own failure to drag your ass out of a tough life and be successful. You can fix this.

Or @Black Lives Matter, you can burn your cities to the ground and see how that works out. It’s your choice.

Rogers of Clarkston is a retired manager at CCI-Speer (now Vista Outdoor). His email address is

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