The Dec. 17 Lewiston Tribune article by the Associated Press titled “Committee hearing addresses alleged voter fraud” was its typical hate-Donald Trump commentary claiming to be news. The short lead piece on the front page said it all: “unfounded claims, baseless claims, unfounded allegations, groundless claims, false assertions and grievances without any proof.”

The article’s jump to Page 5 was pretty much the same. I watched the committee hearing that the AP was commenting on. The only part of the article that rang true with what I saw was at the very end where a lawyer for President Trump was quoted as saying “our evidence has never been checked, only ignored.” Sworn witnesses testifying about alleged election corruption in hearings in the contested states have been virtually ignored.

The media-backed candidate has been declared the winner and they are suppressing any dissenting views. The above-mentioned article is brainwashing. Unless you investigate conservative news sources, you will never even know what all those “unfounded, baseless claims” are and whether they are legitimate.

Our mainstream media has become so biased and corrupt that you can’t believe anything that they say or print. Many times, the things that they don’t print or say do the most damage.

As I discussed in a previous column, the New York Post came out with the story about Joe Biden’s family and their financial dealings two weeks before the election. Fox News covered the story. Tucker Carlson interviewed Tony Bobulinsky, a successful businessman sought by the Biden family to run its prospective business, Sino Hawk. He had hard evidence of wrongdoing by the Biden family.

Internet giants Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as well as almost all of the mainstream media conducted a two-week blackout of the story. Now, after the election is over, we learn that Hunter Biden has been under investigation by the FBI for money laundering and tax evasion since 2018.

If you’re not alarmed, you should be. All of these charges should have been investigated before the election. Who knows what would have come out. But we do know that as president, Biden can use his power to suppress an investigation.

Hunter Biden flew to China on Air Force Two with his father, then-Vice President Biden. Ten days later, he received $1.5 billion from China for a private equity firm.

In 2014, he flew to Ukraine on Air Force Two with his father, and within two weeks received a position on the board of the Ukrainian oil company, Burisma, earning $83,000 a month. At that time, Vice President Biden was in charge of U.S. relations with both China and Ukraine for the Obama administration. Hunter had no experience in private equity or oil companies. It’s pretty obvious that he was selling access to his father to make money. If this wasn’t illegal, it should be.

What is really alarming about the Hunter Biden situation is his ties to the Chinese Communist Party. He has had numerous business dealings with Chinese nationals who had close ties with the CCP.

According to John Ratcliff, director of national intelligence, the CCP is our No. 1 national threat. The CIA reported that every 10 hours it starts a new case on CCP espionage. California Congressman Eric Swalwell, who now sits on the House Intelligence Committee, had a CCP spy, Christine Fang, on his staff for four years. She helped bundle money and get him elected to Congress.

Swalwell was one of the most vocal legislators accusing Trump of colluding with the Russians. Why is he still on the House Intelligence Committee?

Fang has had known ties with other public officials. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D- Calif., had a CCP spy on her staff for 20 years.

The CCP knew about COVID-19 long before it admitted to its existence. If the CCP had done something when it first found COVID-19, it could have been contained and the world would not be in the pandemic hell that we are in.

Was this biological warfare or bureaucratic incompetence?

On Sept. 29, 1959, Soviet Union Premier Nikita Khrushchev said: “Your children’s children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find that you already have communism. We will not have to fight you; we will so weaken your economy until you will fall like over ripe fruit into our hands.”

The Chinese Communist Party is using the same playbook as the Soviets. What U.S. citizens must understand is that the CCP is a criminal organization like the Mafia. It killed 80 million of its own citizens to gain power. The Chinese have concentration camps in their country. Their long-term goal is world domination and they are succeeding.

I keep hearing that anyone protesting the results of the recent presidential election is “going against the will of the people.” My thoughts are: If the charges by the protesters are true, they are “defending the will of the people.”

I have read lots of material laying out credible evidence of illegal activities during the election. Half of Americans believe that there was corruption in the election, and many are outraged by the thought that the election could have been stolen and their votes compromised.

This issue is tearing our country apart. The last thing we need is something else to further divide us. Numerous times, I have heard the words “civil war” from conservative and liberal friends. Someone or group in our government needs to step forward and demand that we audit our presidential election to either prove or disprove allegations of corruption.

The right to vote is our most important individual freedom. It is not a political issue. We must fiercely protect it, or we will lose our country.

I condemn the violence that happened in Washington, D.C., this week.

Dugger retired as a journeyman carpenter from Clearwater Paper. He lives in Lewiston.