According to the "O'Reilly Factor," some parents treated their kids to a pinata party with a replica of President Trump as the pinata. Presumably, government-weary taxpayers rejoiced and were glad.

I couldn't believe it,

Dads were helping their kids smack the Trump replica and no one seemed to mind the absence of candy. It was a disgrace to pinatas and parents everywhere.

What a role model for kids.

The family is the first unit of government and parents have the first shot at getting it right. My father's example was "an honest day's work for an honest dollar."

Mother had homilies for every occasion. The one I remember best was "Thousands of Chinese children go to bed hungry. Eat your eggplant."

I guess enough of them survived to become a world power in possession of nukes.

Even so, we were taught manners and respect for our elders, the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer.

In fourth grade (public school), we began each school day with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord's Prayer.

If you can't buy into the first four Commandments, the remainder will build you some character. If that's too complicated, there is a "how-to" book of directions.

While I seethed in silence, there was another video testimonial featuring a woman smacking a young man with a long pole of some kind. He kept backing away with a look of incredulity, but the self-anointed Wonder Woman was not to be denied her five minutes of TV fame. She was on target and on camera, no matter that he could have squished her between two fingers. Stupid is as stupid does.

I never figured out if he was part of her protest group or was just passing by. At least his parents must have taught him not to hit girls. I was so stunned by this "news" that I never found out what the demonstration was about. The other demonstrators paid scant attention. Maybe it was just batting practice.

Anyway, she was center stage with an opportunity to "shine it on."

Lest we forget, the individual has responsibility, and responsibility dictates civility. Our constitutional freedom is based on the individual. If you cannot accept that, then get a mob together and call the media. Justify your five minutes of TV pseudo-fame.

Just remember, the world will little note nor long remember your career as a rabble-rouser,

After that heart-warmer, I treated myself to a private conniption fit and immediately felt better.

I support President Trump's agenda; however, my priorities are different:

1) Stop spending. The high rollers in Congress are overpaid and over-perked. Don't buy anyone in government new moccasins until he has walked a mile in mine.

2) Cut taxes across the board and all the way down.

3) Cut regulations.

4) Get Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. Now.

Obamacare and immigration scare me a little because I see these as fodder for "the art of the deal." That's a compromise, and compromise gives you more time to really muck things up.

A bird in hand is still worth two in the bush.

Obamacare needs to be repealed. Period.

Immigration is already experiencing "the art of the deal."

One more piece of indispensable news: the Obamas are leaving the White House with a $65 million book deal. I'm sure that warms the cockles of the jobless' hearts.

Chicken Little and the Democrats insist the sky is falling, but the God of the Universe doesn't do shoddy work.

They were probably just beaned by an Idaho pine cone.


Barrett, served 11 terms in the Idaho House of Representatives. A retired miner, she lives in Challis.