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Neither I, nor the other two Asotin County commissioners, can figure out why Marty Trillhaase chose to write Friday’s editorial to agree with Clarkston Mayor Monika Lawrence’s argument that building a jail within the city limits takes tax dollars away from the city.

Talking with Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher about his recent cancer diagnosis a couple of weeks ago hit home with me. In many ways, being lucky is better than being good.

How many examples could one give to show what a sick world left-wing activists, the media and the Democrats — the left’s political party — have wrought? The number is equal to the number of policies they advocate.

Writing on this page last month, Clarkston Mayor Monika Lawrence raised a question about the Asotin County commissioners’ desire to place the new county jail within her community:

In his book about the modern history of tyranny, the Yale historian Timothy Snyder writes that the founders of the American experiment were “concerned that the democratic republic they envisioned would collapse.” Those founders drew on history — Greek and Roman — to contemplate “the descent …

The process for realigning Idaho’s political map with a decade’s worth of population expansion finds itself in roughly the same spot as it was 10 years ago — under pressure to get the job done without any time to spare.

One of the smallest things in the known universe is the commitment to the Constitution of the United States of America by liberal Democratic politicians. Only their knowledge of it is less. In their never-ending quest for personal power and control over your life, their words and actions are…

For many years, pilots of American aircraft, small as well as large, routinely have executed a protocol before takeoff, often written-down, often spoken aloud: “Landing gear position lights — checked. Altimeter — set. Directional gyro — set. Fuel gauges — checked.”

DJEERS ... to Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Congressman Dan Newhouse, both R-Wash.

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