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For months now, most of America has been glued to the news, reading and watching the 24/7 coverage of the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic. We were horrified as some of our cities and states, and other countries lost thousands to the virus. Some of us lost family and friends while most of us have g…

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The United States, the acknowledged world leader in the post-World War II era, is in retreat and decline. Among America’s closest international friends the deterioration of our country’s standing is simply astounding. In a recent survey of our once closest European allies, only 28 percent of…

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For most of us, the term “civil disobedience” brings to mind images of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and lunch-counter protests during the civil rights movement, or Lech Walesa climbing a fence at the shipyard in Gdansk, Poland, to join striking workers and ignite the Solidarity movement, or the lone “Tank Man” of China’s Tiananmen Square.

Losing a friend is never easy, no matter the age or reason. Saying goodbye to someone at the end of a long illness might be easier, but it is still difficult. Losing a friend suddenly is just plain hard. It’s shocking at first and so surreal. Then reality sets in and one has to face the trut…

About a week ago, according to news reports, a family-and-friends get together was held somewhere around the vicinity of Weiser; the kind of ordinary social event no one else would ever know or care about. But in the week to come that little gathering — one report said it involved around 30-…

Comparisons of Idaho’s stay-home order because of the coronavirus pandemic to the Holocaust are not only ignorant, they’re dangerous.

Some ill-informed Idahoans — including, unfortunately, two people who hold elected office — have foolishly worked to compare Idaho Gov. Brad Little’s stay-home order to the Holocaust, which resulted in the killing of 11 million people: 6 million Jews and 5 million Polish, Roma and others in Nazi Germany.

Suing Gov. Jay Inslee over his stay-home order is an ineffective and dangerous strategy.

So far, three lawsuits have been filed against the governor in an attempt to force him to reopen the state’s economy — including a suit led by Franklin County Commissioner Clint Didier and gubernatorial candidate Tim Eyman.

Call it “hairgate,” “scissorsgate,” or whatever catchphrase gets the most buzz. By any name, the fabricated scandal surrounding Washington’s well-coiffed governor has become the most absurd — and admittedly most entertaining — sideshow of our coronavirus lockdown.

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