Robert Wayne Brown was born May 30, 1951, in Orofino to parents Marvin and Clarabell Brown. He grew up on the family farm in Fraser and was the third of four siblings. He passed away Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2021, after a battle with cancer.

Robert, along with his siblings, Nancy, Danny and Neil, worked and played hard. Long days of farming were followed by games, sports and 4-H activities with friends and cousins. Robert proved to be a standout athlete in a variety of sports including baseball, basketball and football. He led the Weippe Gorillas to state championships in basketball and football before attending the University of Idaho and playing college baseball for the Vandals.

Known as the “organizer” of nearly every team he was a part of, Robert loved leading. He was a talented athlete, but an even more talented facilitator. He had an inherent ability to analyze situations and build strategies to overcome challenges. This served him well on and off the field/court.

After earning his bachelors degree, Robert pursued a successful career in financial advising, a profession that came naturally for him with his strong social skills and charisma. He worked for multiple financial institutions in Idaho, Texas and Oregon before retiring in 2015. After nearly 40 years of living, traveling and working, Robert moved back to Idaho, the place he knew best and loved the most.

Robert was very proud of his five children, Kyle, Kirby, Scott, Conner and Sydney. Coaching and teaching them was what he loved. This extended to his seven grandchildren, Alexi, Brandon, Lukas, Baylee, Liam, Carter and Tatum. To Robert, there was no greater joy than attending one of his grandchildren’s activities. Robert would often be seen — and heard — cheering at their games with his booming voice that always seemed to cut through.

Those who knew Robert would recall a man who loved movies, pets, music and a good meal. When he wasn’t laughing hysterically at a Chevy Chase film (he would often begin giggling during the opening credits in anticipation), he was enjoying a John Grisham book or building some new contraption to enhance the lives of his cats or dogs. Like all of us, he had many endearing idiosyncrasies. Freshly sliced tomatoes placed on a hot pizza were a delicacy. Monitoring bowls of popcorn to ensure that nobody was “pickin’ the good ones” was an honorable duty. Using an electric shaver while driving, dousing his children in 75 proof sunblock until they were unrecognizable and clipping their necklines with fingernail clippers were all favorite pastimes. If you spent considerable time around him, you were most likely christened with a nickname. When going out for ice cream, he would express his sad regret that you had made the wrong decision by not choosing the only acceptable flavor: pralines and cream. It was common knowledge that lightly buttered toast and sliced peaches were the cure to any ailment. Countless handwritten to-do lists cluttered any space he inhabited for more than two hours. And being left-handed was considered a virtue.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Robert was overjoyed by visitors in his final months and weeks. An entire community of his family, friends, teammates, classmates and colleagues rushed to his bedside to have a chance to spend more time with him. They reminisced the good old days, laughed, shared tears and pondered what may have been. Robert will be greatly missed.

A celebration of life will take place in the spring or summer of 2022 at the Fraser Community Center. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Fraser Community Center.