Lilisa Marie Moses

Lilisa Marie Moses, also known as Fish Woman, Motsin, Tso-ciyalaht, of Kamiah, passed away Sunday, July 4, 2021.

Tso-ciyalaht was born Aug. 23, 1980, in Lewiston to Lilly Kauffman-Moses and Lester Moses Sr. She attended grade school in Seattle and at Kamiah Elementary/Junior High. She later became a CV Ram and then studied pre-law and Nez Perce language at Lewis-Clark State College.

She had numerous jobs, including office assistant at the Lochsa Ranger District, cultural resources administrative assistant and Nez Perce language tech (where she taught classes for matalayma in Kamiah). Later she moved to Pendleton, Ore., where she became a journeyman carpenter for the next 15-plus years of her life.

Lilisa enjoyed her time fishing, hunting, camping, spending time on the rivers, and camping in the mountains, where she gathered traditional medicines and foods. She was active in horsemanship throughout her upbringing and participated in upriver 4-H and Kooskia Saddleliers. She was a proud powwow dancer and hand-crafted a majority of her own regalia. Lilisa was known to ride her sik’em in parades, such as: BBQ Days, Lewiston Roundup, Lookingglass and Kooskia Days. She could show-stop in her cowgirl gear and enjoyed many local rodeos. She traveled to many different places around the country, including Maryland (for a horse program), Hawaii, California (for Rose Bowl), New Mexico, Montana and even to Cancun for vacation.

No one who met Lilisa forgot her infectious smile and her amazing sense of humor. She touched everyone with her grandiose voice of laughter. There was always a feeling of excitement if you knew that Lilisa was going to be at a family barbecue, birthday party, wedding, or any get-together, because you knew Lilisa would have everyone laughing and having a wonderful time.

Lilisa was married to (the late) Thomas Jackson in June 2017; they enjoyed living together and spending time in the mountains, along the rivers and always among their friends and family.

Lilisa is survived by her mother, Lilly Kauffman, of Kamiah, brother Willie Sahme, of Seattle, brother Sapsis Moses, of Kamiah, brother Nick Moses, of Seattle, sister Leslie Moses, of Nespelem, and many other family and friends. Lilisa was preceded in death by Lester Moses Sr., Gabe Moses, Thomas Jackson, John Kauffman Jr. and Sr., Josephine Moody-Kauffman, Norman Moses Sr. and Jr., Suzan Seven, Tish Whitman, Elvira “Tweet” Moses, Mazie Moses, Terry Moses, Leslie “Cootsie” Randall, Jamie Moses, JeanAnn (Moses) Moose, Lillian Sis Moses, Phillip Moses, Gregory Moses, Sue Seven, Leslie Randle, Edward Waters, Terrance Moses, Norman Moses Jr., JeanAnne Moose and Jamie Recio.

She was deeply loved and brought immense joy to those around her. She also loved being auntie to all her many nephews and nieces, whom many called her “auntie mom.” They were blessed to have her as their top teacher of many traditional activities such as hunting, fishing, camping and language. Many thanks to all who were a part of her life and were blessed to know her.

An open denomination wake/memorial service was held at 7 p.m. Friday at the Wa’ay’as Community Center in Kamiah with walahsat service starting after and through today. Her cremated remains will be delivered to several locations that were very close to Lilisa’s heart.