Saturday, June 15, 2019, Dale Forest Fry went out of this life on his own terms, resting in his chair at his beloved family farm on Big Bear Ridge.

In recent years he was happiest watching old reruns (particularly Westerns) and reminiscing with friends and family who happened to venture his way. He often spoke of his daughters and grandchildren. One of his favorite memories was taking his two daughters Cori Pearson and Faron Fry and also the dog for rides around the country when they were young and later giving rides to his grandchildren, Gracie, Phranq and Faylee on his four-wheeler or the old Sampson truck he helped restore with his stepdad Jack Smith. His life was full of travel, adventures and misadventures, both large and small.

He was a man with many layers who wore lots of different hats. Sometimes a farmer, sometimes a businessman. He was a compassionate man with a very strong-willed personality. He had a sharp wit and a dry sense of humor that would often take you by surprise, and on occasion he would catch you up on one of his exploits. He always took pride in having a strong work ethic. He farmed, logged, worked as a boilermaker and held a vice president’s position in a media company. In later years, Dale returned to his roots and worked with farmers as an employee of the McGregor Company.

His passion for the outdoors, hunting, fishing, skiing, motorcycle racing and camping, was something he instilled in his children and loved ones. He was a darn good cook who enjoyed sharing this talent with others. He was very proud to be one of the founding members of the Big Bear Ridge hunting club, which for him was a source of great friendships and good times. He organized gun shoots and had his shop all set up so friends and family could gather there, process their game, swap stories and share a beverage or two. He was a very handsome, charming man who also found joy in poking fun and playing jokes, which was one of the many reasons he was loved by so many.

Dale would want to say thank you to his girls, friends and family for being a part of his life and holding on even through the rough times. He truly loved each of you. He would not want a fuss, but he would be pleased that a celebration of his life is being held July 21 at the family farm, 1231 Fern Hill Road in Kendrick, with a Big Bear Ridge Hunt’n Club Gun Shoot and barbecue covered-dish meal for those who wish to come and share the day and remember a beloved father, brother, friend and lover. The shoot will begin at 10 a.m. and the celebration will begin at 1 p.m. Bring your favorite baseball cap and lawn chair.