ASOTIN — An Idaho County woman has filed a complaint for damages against Tri-State Memorial Hospital for “medical negligence” after she was allegedly given a megadose of antibiotics.

According to court documents filed in Asotin County Superior Court, Norene Bentley was prescribed gentamicin in 2018 after being diagnosed with an acute bacterial infection. Instead of the prescribed daily dose of 50 milligrams for 10 days, the complaint alleges the hospital provided 500 milligrams a day and instructed her to take that dose.

A few days after receiving the antibiotics, Bentley complained that she felt “under the weather,” and a blood draw reportedly showed elevated levels of the drug, according to the lawsuit. After repeated visits to the hospital, the physican recommened that gentamicin be stopped, but Bentley continued to suffer the adverse effects.

According to the lawsuit, the physician noted, “On reviewing patient’s gentamicin dosing, it seems that patient received a much higher dose ... It is unclear at this time how this error happened.”

As a result of the excessive dose, Bentley suffered serious and permanent injuries, the lawsuit alleges, including dizziness, hearing loss and nausea.

Lewiston-based attorney Christopher Caldwell filed the complaint on Bentley’s behalf. The plaintiff is seeking damages to be determined at trial for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, impairment and embarrassment, according to court documents.

As of Tuesday, the hospital’s response had not been filed.

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