KENNEWICK — The Tri-Cities is still the leader in delivering the most COVID-19 vaccinations at Washington’s state-led sites.

To date, more than 70,700 doses have been administered statewide in the past month, said the state Department of Health on Saturday.

Nearly 19,000 of those have been given at the Benton County Fairgrounds in Kennewick.

State health officials thanked the work of their partners, the Washington National Guard and local and private sector officials, for the efforts so far.

DOH reported Saturday that 18,923 doses had been given in Kennewick, 18,114 doses in Ridgefield at the Clark County Fairgrounds, 17,541 in Wenatchee, and 16,196 in Spokane.

This week, many of the state sites will continue to focus solely on second doses to ensure Washingtonians who received a first dose are fully vaccinated.

In Kennewick, more than 1,900 Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were administered Friday.