UI draws 100 takers for early retirement

Scott Green University of Idaho President

Around 100 people have accepted voluntary separation and early retirement offers from the University of Idaho as work continues to cut $22 million out of the university’s budget next year.

UI President Scott Green said the salaries of those who participated add up to about $8.7 million, although some of those positions will need to be refilled.

During an update to the Idaho State Board of Education on Thursday in Boise, Green said the university has so far saved about $275,000 through a voluntary furlough option that was extended to eligible employees last year.

Green said UI will solidify its budget reduction plans within the next six weeks.

“Hand to heart, we are on track, if not exceeding our targets,” Green said about the budget cuts.

The university is also looking into the elimination of academic programs, public-private partnerships and outsourcing services to save money.

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