Two candidates are facing off for a school board seat in the Nezperce School District, but the campaign has been friendly, with each candidate stating his opponent would also be a good fit for the position.

Greg Branson and Quinton Wemhoff have both filed for the zone 2 position. Rhonda Wemhoff previously held the position, but did not file for reelection.

Both candidates attended the Nezperce School District and know each other well.

Branson, a farmer, said he decided to run because his friends talked him into doing so. He said he’d like to see an additional gym built in Nezperce and would also like to see less homework, because “there is no time for the kids to be kids.”

“We are a very sports-minded community, and we start our children very young playing sports,” he said. “There’s not enough time for everyone to practice because the gym is always scheduled, and it’s really tough to work around.”

Branson, 43, said it’s also important to ensure the school district remains fiscally responsible, and he’d like to see the district’s focus stay on its strong academic offerings.

“Academically, our school is one of the top in the state, and I’d like to maintain that or make it the best,” he said.

Quinton Wemhoff, who owns a cattle ranch and Tri-Builders Inc. construction company, said he’s running for the position because he wants to do his part to help out.

His priority is to continue the good work of the Nezperce School District.

“I went to school there, and, in my opinion, it’s a strong school across the board,” he said.

Wemhoff, 41, who resides in the Winona area, said the district’s size creates some unique obstacles to overcome.

“The biggest challenges Nezperce faces is it’s just a small school, so it’s hard to attract teachers and have enough students to have all the activities for the kids,” he said.

He’s not sure how he’d address that issue yet, given Nezperce’s agricultural background, which he said makes it hard to entice more people to the area.

Wemhoff said his opponent would be a good person for the job as well.

“I think we’d both be good candidates,” he said.

Branson agreed, and said he wasn’t going to actively campaign against Wemhoff.

“If he wins, he would be a good fit for it as well,” Branson said.

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