Asotin County Commission

Time: 9 a.m. Monday

Place: Annex, 095 Second St., Asotin, or via county’s website

Agenda items:

Cynthia Tierney, Washington developmental disabilities administration agreement amendment.

Lori Hyde, family resource coordinator, update on Washington Department of Children, Youth and Families.

Karst Riggers, building official, shorelines permit for Victor Dalosto, 7647 Snake River Road.

Megan Stewart, weed partnership agreement with Asotin County Conservation District.

Asotin City Council

Time: 5:30 p.m. Monday

Place: City Hall, 121 Cleveland St.

Agenda items:

Open council position.

Chris Segroves to discuss assigning an address to his property.

Host kiosk service agreement for medication education and disposal.

Real estate excise tax fund report.

Resolutions on creating a yard clean-up assistance program and declaring surplus property.

Clarkston City Council

Time: 7 p.m. Monday

Place: Online only

Agenda items:

Ordinances on critical areas and parks advisory committee.

Agreement for patient transportation services at Prestige Care.

Response recovery program.

Asotin County Public Utility District

Time: 10 a.m. Tuesday

By Teleconference with call-in number (509) 254-2808 and access code 7581010.

Agenda Items:

Voucher and meeting minutes approval.

Water and sewer systems developer transfer.

Commissioner and manager reports.

Asotin County Cemetery District

Time: 10 a.m. Tuesday

Place: 1141 Vineland Drive, Clarkston

Agenda items:

Project updates.

Voucher signing.

Lewiston School Board

Time: 6 p.m. Monday

Place: Lewiston High School auditorium, 1114 Ninth Ave.

Agenda items:

Appointed board member to take oath.

Introduction of new Lewiston High School assistant principal.

Consider plan to open schools for 2020-21 school year — action item.

Consider curriculum consultant agreement for 2020-21 — action item.

Consider proposed 2020-21 agreement with Northwest Children’s Home — action item.

Consider renewal of professional service agreement with St. Joseph Hospital to provide speech and language services for 2020-21 — action item.

Consider renewal of service agreement with eLuma Online Therapy for speech and language therapy services via teletherapy — action item.

Consider declaration of district surplus property and authorize method to clear items — action item.

Consider revisions to educational support personnel handbook — action item.

Consider revisions to district substitute handbook — action item.

Consider one-time extension of unused vacation for administrative personnel — action item.

Review revisions to board policy rules and regulations.

Hiring recommendations for certified staff — action item.

Hiring recommendations under employment of close relatives policy — action item.

Lewiston City Council

Time: 6 p.m. Monday

Place: City Library, 411 D St. (livestream available at

Agenda items:

Airport budget presentation by airport manager.

Face mask order — action item.

Consent agenda, including minutes and vouchers payable — action item.

Consider a professional services agreement with McMillen Jacobs Associates for the water treatment plant intake upgrade in the amount of $360,707 — action item.

Consider an agreement with Keller and Associates for intersection improvements at 21st Street and 19th Avenue in the amount of $99,000.

Consider declaring the city’s intent to establish a business improvement district downtown — action item.

Items removed from the consent agenda — action item.

Consider state coronavirus funding for public safety expenses — action item.

Lewiston City Library Board of Trustees

Time: 5 p.m. Wednesday

Place: City Library, 411 D St.

Agenda items:

City council report.

Library Foundation report and rooftop construction update.

Presentation on the summer reading program.

Review of correspondence and statistical report.

Financial report and approval of statement of expense — action item.

Director’s report.

Request for funds from foundation — action item.

Approval of rooftop construction expenses — action item.

Change to bylaws — action item.

Library director evaluation, including draft of survey to key groups and rubric/scoring proposal.

Review of board candidate.

Budget amendment for fiscal year 2020.

Lewiston Urban Renewal Agency

Time: noon Tuesday

Place: City Hall, 1134 F St. (livestream available at

Agenda items:

Consent agenda, including minutes and invoices — action item.

Approval of invoices for the Lewiston Tribune — action item.

Discussion of draft 2021 budget.

Staff comments on the closure of the downtown revenue allocation area.

Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District

Time: 6 p.m. Monday and Wednesday

Place: 1520 Powers Ave.

Agenda items:

Treasurer’s report and payments to vendors — action item.

Director and committee reports.

District manager report.

Finance report.

Audit subcommittee and law seminar.

Executive session for pending litigation — action item.

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