SEATTLE — The Seattle City Council has rejected a proposal intended to block more than 100 police officers from being hired in 2021, siding with Mayor Jenny Durkan and others who say new recruits are needed.

The measure was promoted by a coalition of local organizations, including the King County Equity Now group that emerged as a leader during Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the Seattle Times reported. In July, during the nationwide protests where many called for cities to “defund” the police, most council members agreed the Police Department should have its funding reduced by 50 percent, with the money shifted to other needs.

But council President M. Lorena González and councilor Lisa Herbold objected to a hiring freeze Thursday, arguing it would shrink the force too fast when combined with accelerating attrition. They said other transfers and cuts that will reduce the police budget by up to 17 percent are significant and sensible.

The proposal failed, 7-2.

Councilors Kshama Sawant and Tammy Morales voted to remove the department’s $9 million recruitment allotment, request the hiring freeze and redirect the funds to “community-led” alternatives.

A $151 million cut that Sawant said would meet the 50 percent defunding demand also died.

The action came during a committee meeting as council members moved forward with changes to a 2021 budget plan. Final votes on the changes are set for a full council meeting Monday, capping months of heated talks.

Even without a hiring freeze, Seattle leaders are poised to make significant changes to public safety operations. They’re going to transfer 911 call-takers, parking enforcement officers and mental-health workers out of the Police Department.

They’re also going to cut funding for vacant officer positions and try to lay off officers with misconduct records, while allocating tens of millions of dollars to community solutions. The police budget will drop after growing steadily for years.

“I believe this budget is offering a new paradigm,” council member Teresa Mosqueda said Thursday.

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