Pullman may get high-end housing

An artist’s rendering shows housing units that will be part of a 57.8-acre student-housing development on the outskirts of Pullman.

PULLMAN - Construction of about 392 high-end housing units in north Pullman is expected to begin this spring.

Trinitas Ventures LLC, a real estate company based in Lafayette, Ind., that specializes in student housing, expects to construct nearly 200 duplexes.

The 57.8-acre development - dubbed the "Collegiate Apartment Complex" - is somewhat isolated from the rest of the city and will be located west of North Grand Avenue and south of Pullman Albion Road. The complex will be halfway between Terre View Drive and Pullman Albion Road.

No estimate of the project's cost has been established. However, based on similar construction in the city, Planning Director Pete Dickinson's best estimate is about $100,000 per unit - about the average cost to construct one apartment unit in Pullman.

Dickinson, who has been the city planner since 1984, said it's tough to estimate the cost, because it's unlike any other project in Pullman.

He said the development will include a shuttle to provide student transportation from the site to Washington State University and a clubhouse with a half-court basketball court and an indoor multi-purpose facility.

"It's on the higher end of rental property in Pullman," he said, adding that each unit likely will have between two and five bedrooms - and possibly a few with six.

Dickinson said the city reviewed the site plan, but identified a number of deficiencies including a lack of information on the grading at the site and plans to ensure all drains are connected to the city storm drain system. Trinitas Ventures is revising the site plan.

Dickinson said the developer also needs approval from the Washington state Department of Transportation to allow access from the site onto the highway, as Grand Avenue is a state highway.

The city plans to construct a water tank and booster station at the site as well. Preliminary plans for the estimated $2 million water tank call for a 70-foot-tall structure that can hold approximately 700,000 gallons of water.

Construction of the water facility is expected to begin this summer and be completed next summer.

Trinitas Ventures plans to complete the two-phase project by August 2020. The firm manages student housing properties at the University of Alabama, Indiana University, the University of Kentucky, the University of Nebraska and the University of North Carolina.


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