A popular Clarkston Heights baseball field built by volunteers was vandalized late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

The Field of Dreams, located at 2700 Sixth Ave., suffered significant damage, from deep tire tracks in the turf to a stolen safe in the clubhouse.

Sgt. Cory Kingsbury of the Asotin County Sheriff's Office said the case remains under investigation and anyone with information is encouraged to call police at (509) 243-4717.

Scott Arnone of Clarkston is part of a core group of volunteers who help maintain the Field of Dreams. He said the extent of the damage at Prior Field, the largest baseball field in the complex, is staggering.

"I honestly felt like I'd just been punched in the gut when I drove up there today," Arnone said Thursday. "We are just sick about it. I can't imagine why someone would do this."

The sod is gouged and will need to be replaced or repaired. The sprinkler system is damaged, and the clubhouse was burglarized, Kingsbury said. From the looks of the tread marks, one vehicle was involved in the muddy assault.

The Field of Dreams is located near the Asotin County Regional Landfill and a quiet, residential area. Police are hoping someone saw the vehicle or has knowledge of who is responsible for the damage.

Arnone said he and the other volunteers are deeply disappointed and frustrated about the incident.

"We are not funded by anyone," Arnone said. "This was all built by volunteers for the kids. Over the years, so much time and effort has gone into this."

Two smaller fields had some vandalism issues in the past, Arnone said, and both are now fenced. The only field that was accessible by vehicle became the target this week, along with whatever equipment and other items were stolen from the clubhouse.

"People from other towns raved about this field," Arnone said. "No one in a hundred-mile radius has better fields, and it's so disappointing to see this kind of destruction."

Volunteers were busy throughout the day trying to save the grass and make repairs where possible. Whether the field will be ready by spring remains unclear.


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