A Lewiston man received a suspended prison sentence and probation for felony domestic battery, while charges of rape and kidnapping were dropped Wednesday.

Joseph D. King, 58, was sentenced by 2nd District Judge Jeff Brudie on Wednesday to three to five years in prison, but the prison sentence was suspended. King was placed on probation for five years and fined $1,000.

Brudie also sentenced King to seven months in Nez Perce County Jail, where King had been since his arrest Dec. 10. King was given credit for time already served. Brudie suspended 30 days to be used at the discretion of King’s probation officer.

Nez Perce County prosecutors dropped rape and kidnapping charges related to the domestic battery charge Wednesday. Nez Perce County Deputy Prosecutor Jessica Uhrig, filling in for Deputy Prosecutor April Smith on the case, asked the court to retain jurisdiction and requested an underlying sentence of three to 10 years.

The terms of King’s probation include King obtaining full employment; not possess or consume any alcohol or drugs without a prescription; no possession or marijuana consumption; he cannot enter any establishment where alcohol is the primary source of income; he must submit to bodily fluid samples; consent to searches of his residence, personal effects and automobile; obtain any type of evaluations ordered by his probation officer; enroll in any treatment/counseling ordered by his probation officer and continue until released in writing; and submit his DNA to the state.

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