A Lewiston man is facing felony strangulation and aggravated assault charges following a domestic dispute.

Kent H. Eberhardt, 66, was arraigned in Nez Perce County Magistrate Court on Wednesday and could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted of the charges.

According to a police report included in an affidavit of probable cause, Eberhardt and another man visited the victim’s apartment on the 700 block of Third Street in Lewiston on Tuesday afternoon. Following an argument, the woman asked the men to leave. Eberhardt refused, according to the report.

When the woman attempted to push him out the front door, he allegedly charged, grabbed her with one hand on her throat and violently slammed her on a foot rest. Eberhardt allegedly ended up on top of the woman with his hand still around her throat, and then slammed her against a wall, according to the court document.

The woman was able to reach a phone and dial 911, according to the report, which prompted Eberhardt to leave the apartment. However, once on the front steps, he allegedly grabbed a rock and threatened to throw it at the woman.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 20.