A Lewiston man appeared for his video arraignment in Nez Perce County Magistrate Court without a shirt while mumbling mostly incoherent words Monday afternoon before his arraignment was postponed pending a competency evaluation.

Xander O. Wilkins, 21, was to be arraigned by video from the Nez Perce County jail in Nez Perce County Magistrate Court on Monday afternoon.

Wilkins was wheeled into the jail video arraignment room in a chair with no shirt on. Wilkins began speaking mostly inaudible and incoherent words before his arraignment began, though he did say “ ’cause of crystal meth,” before Magistrate Judge Karin Seubert took a short recess, then returned to postpone the proceeding pending a competence evaluation.

Seubert stopped the arraignment because she doubted his fitness to proceed and was concerned about his ability to understand the arraignment. Seubert set a review hearing for Wilkins for Friday and ordered he would remain in custody at the jail.

Wilkins was to be arraigned on a felony battery of a police officer, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $50,000 fine, court documents said.

Wilkins had been arrested by Lewiston police after he allegedly “appeared to be under the influence of some unknown drug” Friday morning at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, a police report said.

Wilkins was allegedly looking for someone in the obstetrics department at the hospital, the report said. When hospital security confronted Wilkins and asked him to leave, he allegedly became belligerent, the report said. When police arrived to tell Wilkins to leave, he refused and was arrested and taken to jail, the report said.

A family friend had come to the jail to take Wilkins home Sunday afternoon, but Wilkins refused to leave the jail and jail staff was concerned about leaving Wilkins outside because “he was acting manic,” according to a statement of probable cause.

Sheriff’s deputies interviewed Wilkins to determine if he was a danger to himself or others. During the interview, “Wilkins spoke about quacking like a duck” and called the officer “Donald,” court documents said.

Wilkins was not making sense in the interview but did tell deputies “he would not do anything he hadn’t already done to himself” in response to a question about hurting others or himself. Deputies prepared to take Wilkins to the hospital on an involuntary hold authorized by Seubert when he allegedly became aggressive and hit Deputy Derrick Wilkinson on the left side of his face. Wilkinson was not seriously injured, court documents said.

Wilkins was arrested for battery of a police officer, court documents said.

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