The Lewiston City Council unanimously approved the annexation of two Lewiston Orchards lots into the city limits Monday night.

The one-acre lots are part of developer Joe Greco’s Skyview Estates that stretches to the southeast from the intersection of 22nd Street and Powers Avenue. Both annexations were voluntary, with property owner Eric Christiansen applying for inclusion in the city limits and Shaun and Brianne Curtis consenting, according to City Planner Joel Plaskon.

The eastern lot already has a new home built on it, while the western lot is undeveloped. Christiansen requested the annexation so he could tap into the new sewer line built in the eastern Lewiston Orchards last year by the Lewiston Urban Renewal Agency and the city.

Councilors also unanimously approved first readings of related ordinances to assign a comprehensive plan land use designation to the properties, assign them a zoning district and remove them from the Area of City Impact map.

In other business, councilors approved the first reading of an amendment to the city’s code to prohibit signs within 300 feet of the center of any public roundabout, not including government signs.

City Engineer Shawn Stubbers explained that the additional code is necessary due to the growing number of roundabouts in Lewiston.

Councilors also approved the first reading of an amendment to a proposed complete overhaul of city code regarding wireless communications towers and facilities. The Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport requested the amendment, which will require the city to notify the airport of any new towers within 3 miles of the center of the airport.

The rest of the code changes will come later this year and deal with an expected wave of construction to build the next generation of wireless communication networks.

And councilors approved the bid of M.L. Albright and Sons Inc. to repave Main Street between 18th and Jefferson streets and replace underlying water lines and other infrastructure. The project will be paid for with $636,330 in Idaho Local Strategic Initiatives Program funding, along with $565,671 from the city’s water division.

Construction on that project could begin in about a month, according to Stubbers.

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