LCSC welcomes students to first day of school

New freshmen at their orientation prepare to start classes today at Lewis-Clark State College.

The summer lull of activities at Lewis-Clark State College has come to an end as students begin their first day of classes today.

On Friday, there was a flurry of student activity on campus as new students received tours of the college, took part in orientation activities and spent time networking with their soon-to-be classmates.

LCSC President Cynthia Pemberton said there was a terrific energy and a lot of optimism as the introductory activities took place.

“The start of the school year has so much energy, vibrancy, enthusiasm and just this exciting anticipation for the learning that comes next,” Pemberton said.

LCSC welcomed more than 700 new students this fall, which is more than there was a year ago, Pemberton said.

Eighteen-year-old Trinity Beal’s first trip to Idaho was to start her higher education journey at LCSC.

“I’m from Georgia, so this is all new to me,” Beal said. “I was from a small town and I don’t like feeling stagnant. I felt like there were opportunities here that just suited me better.”

Beal will major in biology, and plans to continue her education to become a veterinarian technician.

Although she was feeling a mix of emotions ranging from terrified to excited, Beal said she felt welcomed to the campus during Friday’s activities.

“Everyone seems really nice actually,” she said.

Caitlin Horner, 18, of Grangeville, also plans to major in biology. The incoming freshman wants to someday become a dermatologist.

Horner chose LCSC because she wanted to remain close to home, but also wanted to broaden her horizons.

“I just wanted to see what’s out there,” Horner said. “I’m really nervous, but I think it’s really fun to just get out here. Especially being from a small town, you can kind of come to someplace bigger, experience things and meet new people.”

Jonae Knopes and Josie Peterson, both 2019 Clarkston High School graduates, said they were also excited to meet new people.

Friends since preschool, the duo decided to go to LCSC because it’s affordable and close to home.

“I don’t know what I want to do yet, so I just wanted to stay home for another year to a year and a half before I decide what I really want to do and I’m saving money, too,” Knopes said.

Neither of the women have decided on their majors quite yet, although Knopes said she’s interested in maybe becoming a family and consumer sciences teacher.

As for Peterson, she’s just “going with the flow” until she figures out what area of study she’d like to undertake.

Today is the first day of classes at both LCSC and Washington State University. The first day at the University of Idaho will be Aug. 26.

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