GRANGEVILLE — The Idaho County Sheriff’s Office is searching for the identity of the skeletal remains of one adult that were recovered recently 10 miles downriver from White Bird on the Salmon River.

According to a news release Friday from the sheriff’s office, beachcombers discovered a few small pieces of bone Sept. 16 located under the high-water mark of a back eddy and nearly covered under sand and silt.

The bones were turned over to the sheriff’s office and sent to Sara Getz, a forensic anthropologist with Idaho State University in Pocatello. Getz confirmed the bones were of human origin, but could draw no further conclusions.

On Sept. 26, sheriff’s office employees were taken by jet boat to the location where the bone fragments were found. The area was secured, and on Oct. 1, the site was excavated and the remains were collected and turned over to anthropologists from the University of Idaho for testing.

At this time, there is no specific information about the identity of the remains or how long they were at the location where they were found. The investigation is pending, according to the release.

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