Positive laboratory results for a rabid bat in Idaho County were recently reported, the Public Health – Idaho North Central District announced Monday.

The health department issued a news release warning about sick or dead bats being brought into homes by pets, or bats entering homes through small openings or open windows. The news release included these safety tips:

Don’t touch a bat with your bare hands.

If you have had an encounter with a bat, seek medical attention immediately.

If you come in contact with a bat, save the bat in a container without touching it and contact your local public health district to arrange testing for rabies. Whenever possible, the bat should be tested to rule out an exposure to rabies. This is a free service.

Always vaccinate your pets, including horses. Pets may encounter bats outdoors or in the home.

Bat-proof your home or cabin by plugging all holes in the siding and maintaining tight-fitting screens on windows.

More information is available by calling the Idaho North Central District at (208) 799-3100 or visiting idahopublichealth.com.