The fake burglar from an August conspiracy to steal money from the Lewiston Dollar Tree was sentenced in Nez Perce County 2nd District Court on Thursday.

Christopher J. Hubbard, 36, of 1920 16th Ave. in Lewiston, was sentenced to five and a half years in prison and fined $500 for his part in the August burglary of the Dollar Tree at 2010 Thain Grade, court documents said.

Nez Perce County District Judge Jay Gaskill said the sentence would run concurrent with a formerly suspended sentence of five years from burglary and grand theft charges in June 2016. That suspended sentence was revived after Hubbard’s arrest in the fake crime violated his probation, court documents said.

Hubbard dressed in all black and wore a bandana over his face while armed with a machete tied to his leg, court documents said.

Hubbard entered the Dollar Tree store Aug. 29 at about 9 p.m. The door was propped open for Hubbard, who entered the store and waited in a candy aisle until the last customer left, court documents said.

Hubbard’s wife, Felecia A. Nash, 32, and Heather L. Massie, 28, were in the office at the Dollar Tree when Hubbard arrived, and allegedly gave Hubbard a black bag with about $2,375 collected by Massie during her shift at the store that day, court documents said.

Hubbard left the store with the money and drove home in a Dodge Durango owned by Hubbard and Nash, court documents said. Massie then called 911 to report a man dressed in black, armed with a knife with a bandana covering his face robbed the Dollar Tree, court documents said.

He changed clothes, texted Nash, and returned to the store to pick her up making sure to “look concerned,” court documents said.

While police investigated the burglary, Nash and Massie communicated through Facebook Messenger to plan a meeting “to figure our story out,” court documents said.

Lewiston police discovered discrepancies in their stories, court documents said.

As their stories unraveled, the three revealed to police their planning efforts and where they hid the money.

Hubbard contacted Massie before the fake burglary on Facebook Messenger to ask, “Hey are we doing this?” Massie replied, “Yes. I guess. Just make it look real,” court documents said.

In deleted messages, Massie asked Hubbard if he had a gun. He replied he did not, “but he had a big knife,” court documents said.

Massie replied, “that would work,” court documents said.

Nash has a preliminary hearing set for Jan. 8 in Nez Perce County Magistrate Court. Massie has a scheduling conference to set a sentencing date with Nez Perce County Magistrate Judge Jeff Brudie on Feb. 12.

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