A woman is charged with felony third-degree assault of a law enforcement officer after she allegedly threw a pair of cowboy boots at a Clarkston police officer who was chasing her Wednesday afternoon.

Asotin County Judge Tina Kernan placed a $5,000 bond on Rikki M. Hart, 29, of Clarkston, at a bond hearing Thursday morning in Asotin County Superior Court.

Clarkston police were dispatched to the Dollar Tree parking lot where a woman was allegedly prowling cars. The woman ran away from police officers and headed toward Tomato Bros., then ran toward Third Street. She was ordered to stop by Clarkson Police Sgt. Bryon Denny, but she continued to run, court record said.

As Denny was catching up to the woman, she turned and threw a pair of cowboy boots at him, striking him in the chest. Denny was able to catch the woman and arrest her, court records said.

The maximum penalty for third-degree assault on a law enforcement officer in Washington is five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Kernan set an initial arraignment in the case for Nov. 16.